Warp Wednesday 18: Whiptails

Hello all, time for another Wednesday!

We will continue getting to know the 609th, but this week, I will begin to discuss the subject of xenology. Xenology is study of xenos biology and cutures ranging from eldar to tyranids. Today's topic: Tyranid Whiptails (tyrannus ---- slicius).
The biomorph known as a whiptail is a simple one and not very common in many known Hive Fleets. The whiptail is a strong, almost metallic, hollow cord instead of the blunt tails of most tyranid organisms. They can be found in many different organisms, from rippers to carnefexes, although rarely in full swarms. Most commonly, a small percentage (2-5%) of a swarm exhibits this biomorph.
The cord contains two long muscles which allow it to coil rapidly, ensnaring potential prey. The end of a whiptail is hooked, allowing the organism to stab its prey repeatedly. Although it is not prehensile, a whiptail may be used for labor duties within the hive.
The whiptail does sacrifice some mobility for its viciousness. The end of a tyranid's tail grows dense, becoming a counterbalance, without this weight the beast moves slower and not as well balanced as its kin. Due to this, whiptailed tyranids are often found at the rear of the swarm, where they ensure all of the biomass they pass by is dead.
(and I am making digestion pits...)
Until the next warp storm hits, be well,
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