The Cash Clowns: Prototaurs

The Cash Clowns are backed up by Sgt Ramus and his prototaurs.  A prototaur is a gene-bred humaniod similar to minotaurs of ancient Earth myths, and very aggressive warriors.  Being open to negotiation that benefits them, the Clowns offer good employment and a chance at a life slightly better than slums or mines.  The humans among the Clowns look upon then as equals which in turn distil loyalty in Ramus' crew.
 Sgt Ramus is Radius' second in command, and carries an old energy pistol as well as the standard chainsaw.
The colours are carried over from the Clowns done previously, which carried over well in my opinion.
 The prototaur named Torch carries a flame thrower for some added firepower.
 Most of the bitz are from Imperial Guard, Chaos Marines, and Beastmen.  The armour is sculpted on, these were practice until the mercs came calling.

And the other two....
 Like the other Clowns, these guys have Brutal, 40k and nWo rules.  Multiverse win!!

Hope you liked them, Until next round!

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