Deathwatch Apothecary

It seems fitting that the apothecary for a Deathwatch team would be a son of Sanguinus. This guy is part of the Flesh Tearer army I am working on, I hear he will be used for RPGing, nice!
Other than his armor, he is painted the same as the others. I used a different method for painting black so his shoulder pad would look apart.
His arms are magnetized, and he's got four to choose from (depending on how he feels that morning).
The concept of the Deathwatch, marines gathered from different chapters to kill aliens, is a neat one. It seems that Tristan thinks so too, lets hope they all get along.
The lucky astartes also has two backpacks!
On each of the shoulder pads (except the flamer) there is a buzzsaw, and on each pack a double helix.
Of course he has a glowing fist!
Until next round....

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