Flesh Tearers - A Lost Brother

 Some marines have a story, and I am sure the Inquisition would like to hear this marine's tale.  Is he a veteran of the Hersey, or has he recently fallen to the blood god?
 The only thing I know is that he is known as a corsair, and he is a Flesh Tearer.  The Inquisition has been informed.
Until next round, be well.


Witch Hunters - We Do What We Want

 A command squad needs a fitting transport.  They need something that stands out as much as it purges heretics.  The answer is the redeemer.  Apart from its name, the redeemer has many witch-hunting qualities, specifically the flamethrowers.
 Of course I did add almost an entire sister's vehicle sprue (and a set or two of putty molds) to keep the church feel.  Switching the front weapons, I was able to use the immolator turret, which gives it a better field of fir with the better gun.
 This rules violation is backed up by the fact that it is the inquisition, and they have the authority.  This is the same reason my witch hunter inquisitor rides a valkyrie.  That and it is fluffy, and fluffy wins here.
 All the guns move, and the hatches open, which was a pain.  (This was back before I learned a bunch of tricks I know now.)
(More words here.)
 Both of my inquisition land raiders are powered by the pain of penitents.  They are cheaper than fossil fuels and easier to aquire.
 Until next round...
...be well.


Trolls - A Worthy Objective

 Every army needs an objective right?  I had found this alluring mini and thought "this would make a nice light snack for my trolls!"  Armed with cork, foam, a cd and some basing materials, I put together "lunch".
 The backstory goes something like this; the trolls take the fairest (and therefore tastiest) woman in the nearest village and tie her to a stick.  Her clothes are removed to reveal choice cuts, which makes the hungry trolls agitated.  The troll who survives and kills the most of the enemy is rewarded with roasted maiden after the battle.  The rest of the trolls get to pick over the battlefield for other morsels of food and any lost limbs or whelps.
 I guess it gives an opposing (human) force reason to save her, or other factions to get the snack first.  Either way, it is fun to place it on any table and watch my opponent's reaction.
 The carvings on the stone roughly translate into "food, here."
 Until next round....
...be well.


High Elves - Archery Standard

 First in the second wave of high elves is the standard for the archers.  Because every unit needs a standard bearer (well, I think so).
 Just a quick post, and I'm back to painting.
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Flesh Tearers - Black and Red are Back!

Guess what I had to go down to the post office to pick up....the second wave of my favourite red marine chapter.  To get warmed up, I grabbed the remaining Death Company and my brushes.
 I keep all of my "recipes", the combinations of colours I use on each army, for future reference which comes in very handy.  I barely needed it though, most of the process is still relatively fresh in the box of noodle I call my brain.
 I was happy to note that they match the marines from the earlier batch perfectly.
 More to do, more to post!
Until next round, be well.

Trolls - Engine of Battle

 It has buffalo and a huge gun.  It is (in my opinion) the most detailed and imposing of the battle engines.  Regardless of rules, I had to have one (and eventually two).
 Unlike the wraith engines, this model is composed of many smaller models which create a diorama of destruction.  It has the feel of the trollblood army, unleashed fury and desperate measures.
 I wont go into its tabletop performance too much.  It is a battle engine, so everyone can hit it, and after a few good hits it is dead.  But while it is alive it is fairly tactical, decent in combat (it can do cavalry charges?!?) and that nasty cannon on top.  This thing does one thing really well, knockdown, which 2/3 of its weapons have.
 Like many PP minis, it barely fits on the base.....
 Some crew pics....
 Until next round....
...be well.


Hordes of Chaos - The GWF Champion

 This is Eddy, chaos giant of Tzeentch and founder of the Giant Wrestling Federation.
 Ages ago, when I first got hired as a part-timer at my local GW, I was given a giant kit.  It was new (a month before release) and I was tasked to create a chaos version for the store.  A week later this monstrosity took his spot on the display case.
 Our store needed a fantasy-themed event to bolster our store numbers, so I recommended a sport-night in the spirit of Bloodbowl.  We held weekly matches, with slightly tweaked rules.  Matches would be held simultaneously on one table, and each giant (or shaggoth, treeman, etc) would have an opponent worth more points than the other.  Terrain could be used as weapons, or thrown, and sometimes eaten.  Giants would earn cash to buy items (like bags of sheep), cheerleaders, and agents (heroes who could help out).
 The matches continued as more giants tested themselves, (and the volume level soared, much to the dismay of the fantasy players).  But it was a success, we had more gamers on fantasy night and the giant sales went through the roof.
 Yes, Eddy has a Daisy-chain...
 We held tag-team matches, ring matches and even hardcore matches (those that took place in normal fantasy games).  But as all things do, the GWF fell into history.  Eddy still gets out though, pillaging the odd Empire town with the chaos warriors and beasts.
Until next round, be well.


Witch Hunters - Battle Command

 At the core of the Daughters of Odin is the palatine and confessor with their celestian bodyguard.  Converted and painted years ago, before washes and osl, I am still pretty proud of this unit.  A ton of putty went into molds for the purity seals and inquisition bling, and the bitx box was thoroughly purged.
 Leading the squad is a palatine with powersword and meltapistol.
 The stormshield is to represent any armour-buffing wargear she buys (and it gave me an excuse to add more bling).
 After using my witch hunters for some time, I realized I hadn't used the cannoness (in the Ordo Hereticus), and I happened to have a spare.

 Confessor Smirnoff is older than any of the sisters, he started off in Inquisitor Bacardi's retinue before leading a Cawdor gang, who eventually evolved into a redemptionist gang.  He then joined the Daughters of Odin and has since spent time in the company of the 609th and several inquisitors of the Ordos Malleus and Hereticus.

 "The Backhand of the Emperor."

 Squad command falls to the celestian superior.  The old black templar sprues were a major source of bitz for the whole army.

 Flamers, of course there would be fire!

 The unit and army imagifiers.  Amping up the faith....

 These minis were the first time I tried sculpting gas masks.  These ones look like fugglespatch.  I would like to think I have improved some, but luckily there is a larger range of cool masks now (if one looks hard enough).
Until next round, be well,