Irregular Paintcomp: Gunslinger

April's Painting challenge I decided to convert one of my drop-vets to fit the bill.
He is a simple conversion, just the right bit for the right spot, nothing heavy, no chainsaw needed.
I don't think this is my best entry, but I will be endeavoring to enter every month, mostly as a paint exercise.


A Day In The Life Of: Lord Commissar Owen

The vox barked with data-code, a transilator-servitor relayed the message into a monotone High Gothic. "Sector 12-b, four active data cores, recover." Sector 12-b was the point of contact with the traitor marines, Owen began issuing new orders.
Along with the Wolf Pack, a 609th veteran squad, he traveled up the polluted river ahead of the infantry line. His target was an enemy-held data core near the bridge, and his vox was reporting traitor dreadnoughts en route.
Using the chimera for cover, they began a firefight across the road, the Wolf Pack's plasma gunners keeping the marines out of combat. Reserves were being slow to arrive, and the vox was strangely quiet as platoon ivory attempted to hold the line. Often, lances of lascannon fire would strafe into the heretical machines, but it was not enough.
After brutal shelling and constant bolter fire Owen stood alone with Sgt Huckish. They blitzed across the street, and dived into the traitors with powerfists. Reserves began to arrive as Huckish and Owen bellowed Imperial prayers and smashed power armour, then the dreadnought arrived.
The last thing the Lord Commissar remembered was the sensation of flight until it was ended by what could have only been a building. The ogryn-servitors, who had seen their commissar sent flying, went on a killing spree. So enraged, they tore the dreadnought limb from limb, crushed the heretic techmarine, and finshed off the marines at the data core.

Even above the wail of a punisher cannon, and the death screams of a greater daemon, the remnants of platoon ivory could hear "Come play with Dolly!"
Transmission ends.

Non-Standard Transmission (possible traitor communique): <-w->


A Day In The Life Of: Lord Commissar Owen (Prologue)

Lord Commissar Owen was more concerned with the recent vox from Imperial High Command than the holo-display. The message was clear, and authorised by an Inquisitorial seal, but it worried him greatly. The Wolfram chapter had been declared traitors to the Imperium, mechanicus scans had affirmed heretec technology, and they were headed this way. It did not concern him that the traitor marines had broken through the PDF line, they ceased to appear on the holo-display minutes ago, what disturbed him was these were previous allies. Months ago, the 609th had defended an outpost from daemonic forces with the Wolfram's support. The battle had been brutal, but with the marine's prowess, the daemons had been forced back. Now they were the enemy.

Owen shifted his attention back to the holo-display, the Wolfram's column was moving into the city's limits, directly towards the sector he and his men defended. Opening a secure vox-channel, the Lord Commissar signaled platoon Ivory for contact. "All squads, Wolfram beckons warp, keep eye closed. Repeat, Wolfram beckons warp. For the Emperor."

Thumbing the activation stud on his belt, Owen bodyguard activates and assembles around him. The six massive servitors escort him towards the battle-line. The vox crackled with contacts sent in by forward recon.



Servitors are way to much fun to paint. Armed with a heavy flamer and treads, Alfa-Pyro-01 will most likely be attached to a command squad in my planetary defense force, or possibly follow an Inquisitor around.
Yup, just a quick post today, trapped rereading Eisenhorn....be well,


Some of This, Some of That

I couldn't stand having this thing glaring at me from across the room for too long, so the other day I painted it. It has some good height to it, making it fit rather snugly into the city.
I used super-cheap paint, which made it look really good in some areas, but it clumped up (or hid) from others. Overall, for a terrain piece, it turned out pretty good.

It needed...more. To answer this I made up some banners on my computer, printed them off, singed, then glued.
I also finished off two more Imperial objective markers made from bastion bitz.

Oh, and this rabble is a handful of chaos marauders that got some paint this weekend. Yes, green torches, they do worship Tzeentch after all....
Until next time, keep breathing,


Nefarious Plans of the Eldar

This is the beginning of the Angelis project. The plan is to make an eldar titan from this specimen:
I assembled the model according to the instructions, but without glue, so my farseers can reverse engineer it. As far as size goes, it is a little short, so the arms and legs will need extension. The head needs total re-assembly. The wings/shell is quite interesting, I am thinking of using two on the titan, and using the other two for future conversions.
The model itself needed no glue and is fully articulated, enabling a wide range of poses. It will be painted, and most likely have a set of sonic lances.
Comments are appreciated...until next time.
Be Well,


Vets: The Valkyrie

With the squad complete, the transport was next to finish. It is named `Air Squadron 02`, it will likely be named further during the painting process.
Inside, you may noticed a banner, I am of the opinion that banners on a battlefield are a bad idea. But in order to keep regimental morale, the veterans have hung their regimental banner safely inside. (This has no effect on the game of course).
Also attached are racks of surfboards as well as a large speaker and vox. This is so that when the squad of vets take their beach, while blasting `Flight of the Valkyries`, they can surf (obviously).
That is about it...
Ozzy is playing, I better get back to painting...


Vets: Step by Step

As promised, here are the stages of constructing 609th drop veterans. The first step would be to prepare the bases for the models to begin with, if using sand I recommend gluing a small piece of plasticard under the foot to avoid quicksand.
To make the grav-chutes, cut a strip of plasticad 1/4 inch thick and get a plastic pole of some kind (like a standard bearer).
Drill a hole in the centre of the pole, then cut off a small bit, each pack will need two of these. Cut the plasticard into squares and 1/8 x 1/4 rectangles, each pack will need one of these.
Attach the guardsmen to their bases,be sure to cut off the tab on the backs of the armour. Glue the plasticard square and rectangle together and drill a hole on either side for exhaust vents.
To make shotguns, I simply went to Cadian 8th`s post and personalized it slightly.

I noticed that the gas masks from the Cadian HQ kit does not allow for any head movement, and after cutting the mask away I found a piece needed for the grav-chute.
Since the ammo crates would not be used, the Aquillas were removed and trimmed, these are thin enough to bend around a shoulder pad without damage.
The grav-chute`s exhaust vents begin as guitar wire, bent into a horseshoe, then cut in half.
These are glued into the holes made earlier in the pack, the bits of pole are then attached to the ends. It is good to keep an eye on the wire, keeping them at the same angle on the pack. When adding the pole bits on the ends, do not push them all the way through (no guitar wire poking out) to keep the hole intact.
I always envision veterans being fully equipped, and since this unit is my demolitions team, they get grenades and meltabombs. The meltabombs are just grenade launcher packs cut thinner.

The whole assembled squad. Once they all were assembled they all got a vent on the top of their packs made from greenstuff, the demolition charge also got a dial and buttons. Next is to throw a bit of sand on their bases and get them primed...and the Valkyrie.

Thanks for looking, comments are always welcome,


A Day In The Life of Hexonox

Hexonox is my eldest wraithlord. Today, armed with a wraithblade and starcannon, he went hunting.
Spotting Mr. Spikey, he made his way towards the defiler while shooting globs of plasma into some nearby plague marines.
Hexonox and his pals (I`mmortal and The Avatar) finally get into combat with the offending chaos machine. Along his way he had acquired a wound (The Avatar had two) from the torrents of fire attempting to stop their charge.
As one could likely guess, the trio made short work of the defiler, with The Avatar making the killing blow.
Hexonox had to kill something with his wraithblade, and sighted the plague marines as his next target (which were the closest and toughest things around). With unprecedented focus he made his way to the objective.
There was little the marines could do against an enraged wraithlord as he crushed them underfoot after first spraying them with plasma and flames.
The trio held the scoring chaos units back from their objective, as two wraithlords and an avatar are wont to do. A defiler and a unit of plague marines, all in a days work for my wraithlord...

A great game, thanks Scream Walkers,