Khador - The End?

 The dirty Khadorians, a long project that is finally done.
 Included in the army is an objective (from the Warmachine objective set), which was finished just in time for GottaCon.  Hopefully that big barrel of coal was useful!
 This wave also saw some Iron Fang cavalry (called 'Uhlans') as well as the solo; Markov.
 Markov was my favourite of all the cavalry, I seem to prefer the standing poses for horses compared to the leaping ponies.

 Also, keeping with the lance theme, a spriggan.  I roughed this 'jack a little more than the others.  I have been using the packing foam (from blister packs) to splotch on the chips in the paint, which is both fun and effective.
 Those long lances pose a problem on the tabletop, so each one has a long pin, allowing for easy removal when charging.  I was going to replace the pin with some magnets, but they fit very tight, so the pins stayed.
 Is this the end of Khador posts?

Not a chance!
Until next round, be well.