Warp Wednesday Two: Part 2...more bastion

There was a request from Cawshis for more pics of the fortress. So, here there be, enjoy!

The fortress and accessories were painted catachan green, then drybrushed with catachan/camo green. I keep painting simple with terrain pieces, so only two tone highlights were used withthe exception of lights. The metallics are washed with ogryn flesh (for the brass and gold) and a metal wash I mixed (consisting of lich purple, boltgun metal, brown ink, and blue ink), with some extreme highlights of shining gold or mithril silver. The statues are codex grey with rotten flesh highlights, the skulls and parchment khemri brown and bleached bone.

The fortress is about one foot square, three floors, three mount points (for turrets and stratagems). Rules wise, I will use modified stats from the Indomitable Fortress in the Planetstrike book.

The bastion and building kits are awesome, with bitz that almost fit perfectly together. One of my biggest problems with building models is that they don fit right (due to converting them most likely), but these two kits are almost seamless. Now I have thoughts of a church-tank...

See you next time I finish something,
Ricalope, SL.
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