Warp Wednesday Four: Creepy Things

Hello again, welcome to another wednesday, I know, it happens every week...

Here in the warp we have my favorite and least used model in my collection, featuring no conversions; skeleton w/ chainsaw! (Happy Hallowe'en all!)

Also, a shot of the "Turn Tree" (pronounced 'turin' for some reason). No, they are not nurglings, but Tzeenchlings (kinda the same but orange and blue), and I have no idea where they came from.

Hmmm, scary things? Dragon ohgrs are pretty scary (last I used them they pounded three units without taking a wound). On my quest to make cheaper ohgrs, I fused the plastic oghrs with the fat cold ones, and it was surprisingly easy, (much putty was used).

And lastly, a shot of my chaos ohgrs. The 'big' one is the one with the stomach problems (nothing says love like belly bitey). As you can tell, I used many krootox heads, I think this gives them the essential "Tzeench look." The ohgrs themselves are armoured with dryad heads nailed to their bodies, as well as providing great protection, it also aggravates the wood elves (which makes them miss more often in shooting I think).

Well, back to painting bugz...
Ricalope, SL.
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