Meet Frankie, My Slaughterfex (WIP)

I decided to start on my carnafex, (I am currently painting hormagaunts and puttying warriors), only because I am scared of him. I wanted to position the model with a more aggressive pose, so I started at the legs. I placed him on cork, with his hind leg on the "second" shelf (for that punching-something-smaller look) and positioned his body angled. To continue the motion, flesh-hooks/implant attacks were added, most of which sweep towards one side, with guitar wire and nid hooks. The head, a combination of tusked and acid maw, was angled in the opposite direction as the body. To complete this smashing pose, the scythes and claws were positioned in a sweeping posture (two arms having already attacked, two yet to). The mace tail semed kind of small to me, so I put both tail morphs as well as the wierd triangular bit (that is supposed to be on the head I think) all on the tip, and it seems to look ok.

The next step are things like putting toxin sacs on the jaw and scythes, adding the large pustules and getting rid of that horrible line on his carapace. (Don't worry, I will show you the warriors soon).

Happy Nightmares!
Ricalope, SL.
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