Warp Wednesday One (Harlequins)

Welcome to a weekly segment I thought I would try; Warp Wednesday. I just thought you all could use a little break in the middle of the week, so here it is. Each week I will showcase a unit, vehicle or monster from my collection. Along with pics I might post a gaming-related rant, some background or fluff, enjoy!
I couldn't figure out who should have the honour of the first showcase, so I asked my roommate who she thought was deserving. The answer; harlequins.
Three of my troupe are mimes, because mimes are freaking scary.
I kept the weapons and armor bone to try and tie them into the rest of the army (I use lots of wraithbone), on the mimes, this creates a good contrast to the black and red.
The rest of the troupe are multicolored (of course) and almost covered with diamonds.
After a couple games I came to the realization that more diamonds equals more killyness.
So I spent another week just on diamonds....
It made my head hurt, I kept seeing diamond patterns over everything...
The shadowseer and death jester, these are a couple of my favorite eldar models.
The death jester is one of the only black primed models in the army, where as the shadowseer the most colorful.
And the troupe leader, Dyscathi. He is named after a master vampire ninja, there is no resemblance. This model is much older than any of the others, with the exception of his head and back thingy (the tall one), I had built and painted him 5-6 years ago. When the troupe master in the box set made me angry I chopped it up and promoted this one. He is made with a guardian body, old guardian arm, warlock "legs" and sword, troupe master head, dark eldar pistol and a old dire avenger tabbard.
I hope you enjoyed this one, I will save you a rant this week, (you might not be so lucky next time though). Every glance is appreciated.

Ricalope, SL.
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