Trolls - Trolljack Ninja

 Tagging along with the Ironmonger is his trusty mule.  A fairly decent match for the troll 'marshal, the mule can benefit from his drive and get to shoot and assault.  I just got to figure a way to make him Def troll...
 The mace needed to be trollfied, so I added the wheels from an old Blood Bowl deathroller(?).  I also had to use the pin to straighten out the handle a bit more.  Ninja also got a tuffalo shield, Raluk's keg, and ogre bellyplate.
 This is the first of two trolljacks, the second one should be posted soon...
Until next round, be well.

Trolls - Trolljack Marshal

 This mercenary is a strange fellow, but a fun troll to have around.  He is the Ironmonger, a 'jack marshal/mechanic that a handful of factions can hire, including trolls. As soon as he was released I knew he had to be in my troll army since I love warjacks and I have a strong affection towards trolls.
 Apart from weirding out my opponent when I deploy merc 'jacks beside my dire trolls, he has been really solid on the tabletop.  With two heavy 'jacks under his control, I can send him off to clear a zone or hold an objective.  Due to his repair ability, his 'jacks are almost as resilient as the other trolls and hit just as hard.  Although his awesomeness might just be due to the fact that my dice love him.
 His battlegroup will be posted soon; trolljacks!
Until next round, be well.


Khador - Front Line Jack

 The request was for a heavily weathered look to the warjacks in this Khador army.  So I chipped the paint up and splattered some mud around.  I was fairly pleased with the result since this is the most weathered I have ever painted a mini.
 I do have to add that the plastic Khador 'jacks are far easier to work with than the older metal ones.  Aside from being slightly bigger, they also have a bit more detail.
 Until next round...
...be well.


Cryx - The Canker

 I've been remiss is posting, please forgive me, it has been very busy around the Rabbit Hole of late.  A couple weeks ago was the holiday that should be; Day of the Lope.  Also, the new queen of Ricalopia will be crowned soon so those preparations are reaching a boiling point.  With all this I am still finding time to paint up a storm.
 The next thing in the "Things to Post" list is the mighty Cankerworm for the bone and purple Cryx project.  I think he looks pretty good in this colour scheme.
 I must echo the sentiment of the client regarding this mini, that it is sad that Cankerworm is the only Cryx mini with an awesome base.  I think there should be wreck marker like base inserts for other models too.  This is why most of the characters are getting a cog or two on their bases, to tie them together visually.
Until next round, be well.