High Elves - More Sorcery

 The other mage in the high elf army is the magical-ball walking sorceress, an older metal mini I quite like.  The pose is decent and simple with a lot of flowey robes, but I think the cool part are the elementals on the base.
 I painted the "burning crystal" icon on the back, like the previous wizard and tried to get some pearl tones on the balls (not quite there, but it looks alright).  I am elbow deep in spearmen and archers.
Until next round, happy painting!!


Grey Knights - Last Squad...

...for now.
 Here are the other half of the power-armoured Grey Knights, and the last of a nice little commission.  There are currently no marines on the project table, but I am sure that will change soon.
 I like painting marines, they can get done fairly quick and they look good as a cohesive force.  The only time consuming part is the armour, and then it is just purity seals and details for the most part.
 I've done these Grey Knights' armour as simple as possible (being a table top quality job).  I started with cold steel (P3), washed with drakenhoff nightshade (gw), and highlighted it with chainmail (gw).
 Once they were all ready, (and pictures were taken), I sprayed them with purity seal (gw) which dulled down the metallic effect to an agreeable level.  I gloss varnished all the blades and plasma coils after the spray.
 It is entirely likely that there will be more GK's in the future, fate will tell...
 Until next round
Be well.


High Elves - High Sorcery

 With some units done, it was time to break things up with a character.  The wizard from the Isle of Blood is an...interesting model.  It was a challenge, with colour placement and such, but I am fairly pleased with the result.
 Painting High Elves is odd for me, even though I've painted multiple eldar armies and dark elves.  All the white and good-guy aspects of the models is a first for my brushes, but I'm getting a groove for it.
 The back of the cloak got some additional freehand, a design I might replicate throughout the force on banners and characters.
Until next round, be well.