Cult of the Unkind - Engine of Pain

 I finally dusted off my dark eldar talos and put some paint on it.  It had been off-and-on the painting desk for a while, with so many details it was a daunting prospect and kept being pushed back.  But after some dedication (and some really awesome inspiration James Wappel and Eye of Error) it is finished.
 The new plastic kit is a massive improvement on the old style, both aesthetically and in the range of bits.  Although, I like the fact that they stayed to the scorpion look.  After building this mini I still have enough bits to convert my grotesques!
 I used Cryxian arms instead of the regular ones, they fit the look and are much nastier, in my opinion.
 All the vials on its butt and hand were tedious, but completely worth it as the effect comes across nicely.
 ...until next round...
...be well.


Trolls - Tuffalo Hero

 This is Horthol.  For those of you who don't know him, he is the troll dragoon that makes the other tuffalo even better.  Not that tuffalo aren't cool enough.
 With each one I paint, I am enjoying it more and more.  (Next up on the desk is a war wagon, that is +2 buffalo for the army!)  As you can see, I added a big keg (from a GW ogre kit), bigger horns (from a GW minotaur) and added height to his base to make him look more important.

 Horthol wears a lot of armour, which allowed me to practice my metallic technique.  I basecoat with boltgun metal, do a heavy drybrush of chainmail, and a highlight of mithril.  Once the highlights are in place, I was the upper surfaces with blue wash then the lower areas with dark brown wash.

 Since he is a dragoon, he also has his 'on foot' sculpt.  I had a good chuckle when I read that he can only be taken as a dragoon, he is an 18 wound, tough, fast hammer which cannot be ignored.
 It was slightly odd painting two of the same mini, with the exception of the buffalo, all of the details are the identical.  I had to fight down my conversion urges when faced by this...
I like the end result, being the first green kilt I painted.  Luckily, the troll army allows me to experiment with different browns, and colours to a degree.  By keeping the skin and metals the same, the army stays cohesive.
Until next round, be well.


Guild - Granny Ortega

 The matriarch of the Ortega clan isn't about to let the young 'uns have all the fun shootin' witches an' ne'erborn!  Armed with her deadly shotgun and purse, and clad in her favourite red coat and hat, she is ready to go old school on the bad guys.
 For a one-piece mini, I really like the atmosphere of her.  It was a very clean sculpt, with scarce mold-lines, and some fun details without cluttering up her look.  And she giving the "eye"!
 It will be fun to put the cankerous old girl onto the table soon!
Until next round!


Flesh Tearers - Jump Pack Death Co. Part 2

 I've been quiet lately, but worry not!  My interweb silence is due to much progress on the painting table!  First up; the middle three Death Company.  I am particularly happy with the powerfist osl (the mohawk helps a lot!)
 As noticed from the last Flesh Tearer post, I had forgot to do the bone highlight on their skin, that error has been remedied.  The last three are on the table, halfway done already.  It will soon be time for some final touch ups (on the heraldry specifically) and some army shots then off they go.
Until next round, keep painting!



Ka-tet, a group with one spirit, fate-bound.  With the completion of Roland, the rifleman ka-tet is complete.  I really enjoyed painting these three between the awesome sculpts and my affection for trenchcoats.
 I am very content with the final result of these three (although I'm sure Dave's are going to look much better, can't wait to see them!)  The blue and crystals unite the entire crew, the crystals brightening them up nicely.
 I'm over halfway done my current crew and already thinking of what to add next.  I'm thinking of the elite division, teaming Lucius with Perditia, and expanding the Guild.  Although, since the Malifaux plastics are so nice, I'm also thinking about the relic hunters box set (I kinda want to paint a horse and a doggy).  Time will tell...or maybe I'll get both.
 I only have five models left, so there is more Guild goodness to come!

Until next round!


Let Me Sing You a Song of my People

 For my second troll warlock I picked up Epic Grissel.  In addition to being fluffy, I really liked the mini.  The sculpt was crisp and packed with detail, and in my opinion, one of the most commanding warlock poses in Hordes.
 She has earned the nickname Mrs Dash, due to that being the only consistently used spell.  With all the pathfinders around, inhospitable ground is...meh.  She should have been given hex bolt instead of her ranged spell, because compared to her fell calls it almost pointless.  Her fell calls are her best feature, I often yell things to death which is quite satisfying.  Her feat can be useful, granting unyielding and hyper aggressive, but a canny opponent can pull your trolls where they shouldn't be.
 I painted her like Adrock and Boomhowler, the 'fell caller palette', with bronze armour and a red tartan.  Her scarf is a purple tartan, a nod to the great Samalander for buying her for Ricalope Day.
Hope you like her, until next round!


Tau - Magnetic Cannon Carrier

 Have I ever mentioned how much I like magnets?  They are awesome, and a magnetic gun is extra awesome (especially of this calibre!)  I finally finished the gundam tau's hammerhead gunship.  All that flat surface area, ugh....
 I think the "table top" result is worth it though.  The hammerhead is designated aqua, and I am hoping against the odds that tau can field squadrons of gunships.  Anyone know?
 I am also still trying to figure out the weathering colours and technique.  I can't decide what would look right; chipping, oiliness, both?  I am endeavouring to stay away from metallics on the entire army, so chipping might be out of the question.
 On the other hand, I could just go with some crazy freehand....
 Thanks for dropping by,
until next round!


Mercenary Trolls

The troll army started with these chaps, the original sons of Bragg, Boomhowler and Company.  This was the first batch of trolls due to them being mercs, and they accept payment in ale.
 Boomhowler has proven his usefulness multiple times, not for hitting anything, but for bogging down enemy troops.  His unit is a tarpit anyone can hire (almost).
 I decided that all the trolls who trace their lineage to the great fellcaller wear the red tartans and have an affinity for brass armour.

 There is a distinct lack of sculpts for this unit, complicated by the lack of pieces.  More bits would allow more variations, which is something the mutlipart plastic kits have right.  My plan for the next four is to mix bits with kriel warriors and such.
 Of course, this doesn't mean they aren't fun minis.  Like true mercs, they each carry a small keg and those guns scream close combat.
 That's it for now...
...until next round.


Flesh Tearers - Jump Pack Death Co Part 1

 Three more marines closer, this is the first chunk of the last squad for the first box.  I can see light at the end of the tunnel!  (until another box arrives, that is.)
 I'm happy to be working on power armour again after a land raider.  These guys are also packing some serious bling, enough to rival the termies!
 Well, back to work...
...be well!!