Ka-tet, a group with one spirit, fate-bound.  With the completion of Roland, the rifleman ka-tet is complete.  I really enjoyed painting these three between the awesome sculpts and my affection for trenchcoats.
 I am very content with the final result of these three (although I'm sure Dave's are going to look much better, can't wait to see them!)  The blue and crystals unite the entire crew, the crystals brightening them up nicely.
 I'm over halfway done my current crew and already thinking of what to add next.  I'm thinking of the elite division, teaming Lucius with Perditia, and expanding the Guild.  Although, since the Malifaux plastics are so nice, I'm also thinking about the relic hunters box set (I kinda want to paint a horse and a doggy).  Time will tell...or maybe I'll get both.
 I only have five models left, so there is more Guild goodness to come!

Until next round!
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