Trolls - Tuffalo Hero

 This is Horthol.  For those of you who don't know him, he is the troll dragoon that makes the other tuffalo even better.  Not that tuffalo aren't cool enough.
 With each one I paint, I am enjoying it more and more.  (Next up on the desk is a war wagon, that is +2 buffalo for the army!)  As you can see, I added a big keg (from a GW ogre kit), bigger horns (from a GW minotaur) and added height to his base to make him look more important.

 Horthol wears a lot of armour, which allowed me to practice my metallic technique.  I basecoat with boltgun metal, do a heavy drybrush of chainmail, and a highlight of mithril.  Once the highlights are in place, I was the upper surfaces with blue wash then the lower areas with dark brown wash.

 Since he is a dragoon, he also has his 'on foot' sculpt.  I had a good chuckle when I read that he can only be taken as a dragoon, he is an 18 wound, tough, fast hammer which cannot be ignored.
 It was slightly odd painting two of the same mini, with the exception of the buffalo, all of the details are the identical.  I had to fight down my conversion urges when faced by this...
I like the end result, being the first green kilt I painted.  Luckily, the troll army allows me to experiment with different browns, and colours to a degree.  By keeping the skin and metals the same, the army stays cohesive.
Until next round, be well.
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