Tau - Magnetic Cannon Carrier

 Have I ever mentioned how much I like magnets?  They are awesome, and a magnetic gun is extra awesome (especially of this calibre!)  I finally finished the gundam tau's hammerhead gunship.  All that flat surface area, ugh....
 I think the "table top" result is worth it though.  The hammerhead is designated aqua, and I am hoping against the odds that tau can field squadrons of gunships.  Anyone know?
 I am also still trying to figure out the weathering colours and technique.  I can't decide what would look right; chipping, oiliness, both?  I am endeavouring to stay away from metallics on the entire army, so chipping might be out of the question.
 On the other hand, I could just go with some crazy freehand....
 Thanks for dropping by,
until next round!
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