Cult of the Unkind - Engine of Pain

 I finally dusted off my dark eldar talos and put some paint on it.  It had been off-and-on the painting desk for a while, with so many details it was a daunting prospect and kept being pushed back.  But after some dedication (and some really awesome inspiration James Wappel and Eye of Error) it is finished.
 The new plastic kit is a massive improvement on the old style, both aesthetically and in the range of bits.  Although, I like the fact that they stayed to the scorpion look.  After building this mini I still have enough bits to convert my grotesques!
 I used Cryxian arms instead of the regular ones, they fit the look and are much nastier, in my opinion.
 All the vials on its butt and hand were tedious, but completely worth it as the effect comes across nicely.
 ...until next round...
...be well.
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