Witch Hunters - The Angels

 No Sisters of Battle force is complete without a seraphim squad and a living saint to lead them.  Also, this is my 400th post on Ricalopia!!  (Has it been that long?!?)
 Jezebel is my primary HQ at the rank of Cannoness.  When St Celestine was released, I knew something had to be done to that beautiful mini.  With the exception of the combi-flamer, all the additional bitz are from daemons.  Azeal wings, Lord of Change front cloaks, and the Avatar's Wailing Doom.  The flowers didn't make the cut.
 All of the purity seals and skulls are from putty molds, I must have done a hundred sets for the whole army. Completely worth it!
 I have never run her as the saint, I prefer to make my own personalities for my armies, but she has definitely proved her worth on the battlefield.  Even with the pins she has broke a few times, and since she is all metal I have touched her up twice.

 Her seraphim number nine, only because I can't find the last one anywhere.  The squad has as much fire as I could load them with, it is kind of their thing after all.
 Back soon with an update post...
...until next round.


Hordes of Chaos - The Lil Bastard and His Cult

 Fel Ur Ket are the three names given to the Lord's proxy.  The three headed sorceror leads the horde in the Lord's absence, much to the regrets of the Empire.  In human lands he is known simply as the "Lil Bastard", which amuses him greatly.
 Fel Ur Ket now has a full unit of warriors to catch cannon balls for him, numbering 23 (a holy number to the bird-god, and divinely lucky).
 I opt for my Tzeentchian warriors to have to weapons, to maximize their high-than-average strength.  With their mark and chaos armour, they are still pretty resilient, which is what a purely combat army needs.

 This mini was the first time I experimented with NMM, I don't think it turned out well.  The greys look fine, and I am happy with how it looks, but it doesn't look metal.
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...be well.


Trolls - Fell Caller Triad

 When you are a troll player there is bound to be lots of yelling on the battlefield.  Three more fell callers join the growing horde, the trolls known as the Sons of Bragg.
 These guys are what one might expect of a troll character unit; a couple abilities and good hitting power wrapped in armour.  Like their cousins, the Boomhowlers, they can get super tough and get the **** up which is helpful.  They can also get a melee boost which ups the odds of hitting dodgy things with weapon master swords.
 Compared to the regular fell caller, these guys have twice the details, thingies and whatnots.  The sculpts are very crisp and meet a standard I've come to expect of PP's newer minis.

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Guild - Perditia'sRevelation

 Redhead gunslinger on nightmare sphinx?  As you wish...
 I saved Peditia's avatar for last which was great motivation to finish the whole crew.  This was definitely the most fun Malifaux model I've worked on yet.  The sculpt had no problems (slight flash in hidden places) and went together really easy.
 The crystals on the base, supporting the sphinx, were the inspiration for the rest of the crystals on the crew which I think helps to tie them all together.  The avatar also go a whole wheel from the corpse cart sprue for flavour.
 I chose dark purple for the beast because I've watched a lot of old cartoons...
 I look forward to seeing her on the tabletop, but I haven't been able to manifest her yet.  We will see what fate has to say on that.
Until next round, watch more cartoons!!


Grey Knights - Fire Support

 With the servitors I was able to get away from all the shiny metals, a bit.  Like many commission models, these arrived already converted (a combination of Cryxian mechanithrall and space marine plasma arms).  They make a simple and effective couple of fleshbots.
 The marines all have some type of heraldry on their shoulders, so the servitors also have some identifiers in the form of a cog-rune device.  The skin was done "borg-style" with greys and rotten flesh, complimented with mechanicum red.  The plasma effect was done similar to the blades of the knights, light red to orange, which I think turned out ok.
One squad left!!  Until next round, be well.


High Elves - Fast...Like this...Pshyoooo....

 The high elf army contains two units of fast cavalry, here is the first one ready to go.  I think these guys are from the Isle of Blood set too, and they are a big improvement on the old models, like the swordmasters were.
 I opted for tan on the horses to visually mute them against the bright colours of the riders.  My other options were white/grey or dark blue/black, but neither of those felt right.  Luckily, a quick look through the army book and a WD confirmed my opinion.
Until next round, spadoinkle!


Trolls - Electric

 As soon as this model was released, I wanted one.  The rules for him are solid, for a light troll, and his animus kicks ass.  As soon as he was finished he became a staple in my lists, and now there are electric trolls running all over the place.  His name is Bzzzt.
 The model is well sculpted, and had minimal mold lines over the detailed areas.  What I thought was freehand tattoos in the pictures is actually sculpted on, which was a nice surprise.  One of my favourite details is the reversed fur of his kilt (I don't doubt that he also drags his feet). Being one of Privateer's new plastics, he was assembled very quickly with ease.
 After seeing all those canny Cygnar players and their lightning, I attempted the same kind of thing.  I drilled some holes where I wanted the sparks connecting, bent up some paperclips, and glued them in.  One or two might be too long, but I like the effect overall.
 He is noticeably less-rocky than other trolls, but has some cool spines.  There is just that one spot, on the small of his back, that is too smooth.  In theory (and I might still try it) an eldar guardian fin and some green stuff might fix that.
Until next round, be well.


Hordes of Chaos - Release the Hounds

 It seems that chaos is in ascendant, the glorious host of the magical bird god has nearly doubled in size with the arrival of two batches of previously owned chaos mortals.  With these new additions most of my cults (regiments) can be increased to their holy numbers and some new subservient cults will arise.  My host, previously of a very monotheist nature, will soon include devotees of Khorne and Nurgle.  (The cult of the Fly Lord has already begun, see earlier posts.)
 To start this new glorious age of chaos, I started with the new hounds.  The Pack started with a bunch of kroot hounds, due to their beaky nature, with some added tails and fur.  For some reason I only modified half of them, but painted them all, it was a long time ago after all.  Recently added to their numbers was a batch of new plastic hounds, which I mixed in.
 The alfa hounds are some old non-GW sculpts, like Reaper's cerebus (the three-headed puppy), but I don't know where the other two are from.  They work well as unit leaders since they are notably different.  As the cults grow to their full size, the older members will get updated.  This includes battle damage (like broken horns and such), I am not going to replace anything but paint in their wounds, thus the occasional missing horn.
Until next round, praise chaos.


Witch Hunters - Have Some Faith

 To help out with remembering things, I made some simple faith markers for the sisters as well.

Those little back-banners for space marines don't look right to me, and I doubt they make disembarking very easy, so I had a few lying around.  I glued them to bases, changed a couple of the banner tops, and instant faith!  I tried to keep them varied, some are from the old templar's kit, and based the designs on the 'parent' faithful unit.
Until next round....


Guild - The Ortega Crew

Since they are all finished, here is a shot of the the whole gang together.  Now to find some criminals to shoot....Until next round.


Grey Knights - Terminate!

 On the Grey Knight front, the terminators are finished!!  Here they are two at a time:
 The Grey Knights are fairly easy (although most marines are IMO), once the armour is done it is all details from there.
 I am like having red as the secondary colour, and dropping blue down to third, I think it gives them a more infernal look.
 After these guys are the two plasma servitors (converted from mechanithralls, woot!)  Then the last seven power armoured knights, possibly with a tutorial if the camera stops acting funny.
 I tried to get some heraldry on the shields, nothing too fancy, just some simple designs.  Each of them also have names, my two favourites are Ricalope and Grinto.  Some others I have lifted from the Heresy books.
 Until next round....
....keep painting!!