Witch Hunters - The Angels

 No Sisters of Battle force is complete without a seraphim squad and a living saint to lead them.  Also, this is my 400th post on Ricalopia!!  (Has it been that long?!?)
 Jezebel is my primary HQ at the rank of Cannoness.  When St Celestine was released, I knew something had to be done to that beautiful mini.  With the exception of the combi-flamer, all the additional bitz are from daemons.  Azeal wings, Lord of Change front cloaks, and the Avatar's Wailing Doom.  The flowers didn't make the cut.
 All of the purity seals and skulls are from putty molds, I must have done a hundred sets for the whole army. Completely worth it!
 I have never run her as the saint, I prefer to make my own personalities for my armies, but she has definitely proved her worth on the battlefield.  Even with the pins she has broke a few times, and since she is all metal I have touched her up twice.

 Her seraphim number nine, only because I can't find the last one anywhere.  The squad has as much fire as I could load them with, it is kind of their thing after all.
 Back soon with an update post...
...until next round.
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