Warp Wednesday 24: Old Stuff Day

As it happens, Old Stuff Day is on a Wednesday, so today I am going to take a look back at some minis that rarely see the table. So, without further rambling, Gandalf on Cart!
This was the first model I painted for my local GW as a staff member, and he tends to remind me of the short but wikkid time I spent there wearing the red shirt. When I first assembled the cart I cut the round tops off, and then had to re-sculpt them since it would be used as a display piece.
Although small and brittle I think he was fun (and easy) to paint.
This is my scratchbuilt Ragnarok battle tank (read Leman Russ). The credit for assembly goes to Jim "the bus driver" who built it for me many years ago (4-5?).
Painted in the colors of the Odin Planetary Defense Force, I will be fielding it in the upcoming Phasian War, but it still needed some more paint. I have to thank the arrival of Old Stuff Day which prompted me to pull the old 'rok out.
This is a random bane knight. Long ago I contemplated collecting a Cryx force, a frozen bunch of wraiths, this guy was my test model.
Ice blue, rich purple, frosty black with lots of silver. As you know, I decided not to go this route, possibly because I didn't use washes back then.
I also didn't know how to put snow on bases, so it did not look right (too thin). I have since been educated by the blogosphere on proper snow tactics, thanks guys.
Heretic necron lord, or at least that is what I call him. He used to have an unliving legion (assembled and painted) but during a purging, they were sold to a dedicated necron player. I hope they are well (as well as evil robots can be).
Well, that concludes another Warp Wednesday,
...but wait, I forgot the links:

This whole Old Stuff Day thing was started by 39,999 over at 39,999. It is kind of neat, I like it. So here it goes:
My favorite of mine: Step by Step Drop Vets, boo ya!
The blog I think should have a way larger following: Daith's Forge (just look at his WIP Dracon!)
The conversion that blew my brain apart: Metal Harpies, they Muse Mindfully...
And the 'Awesome Robot Award goes to KMB's defiler, careful now....
I leave you with Warp Wednesday One.

Be well.
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