Troll with Acid

 If you are wondering why it has been so quiet around here, it is because I've been painting everything in sight (almost).  I am also quite behind on my photographing, which means a backlog of posts!  To start things off; here is Slagg, my slag troll.
 He is similar to the rest of the trolls, except for his stony bits which I made more green than the others to show his acidity.  And, yes, he has a pet snake (I picked up a blister full of them that I got just for the trolls).
Slagg has seen a fair bit of table time, being almost exactly like Sparky (the pyre troll) but one point more and acid (not fire).  He sees less time now that I have a mauler, mostly in Gunnbjorn lists.

GottaCon is less than a month away.....until next round!
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