Purge of the Chapel (Turn 3&4)

Things began badly with the inability to take down the soulgrinder as he ate the techpriest and servitors. The psykers targeted the lesser deamons beyond, relying on the firepower of surrounding tanks. The soulgrinder devoured the chior remaining unharmed.
Surrounding fire from Imperial guns was not enough to wipe out the daemons in the chapel, who turned to deal with the approaching tanks.
After distroying all weapons on the command chimera (as well as immobilizing it) the command squad begins to purge the chapel with flame. Squad Crimson I runs to clear the other side of the chapel.
Veteran sargent Hukish delivers the killing blow to the daemon princess. The daemon prince and daemonettes are gunned down by surrounding guardsmen and stormtroopers. At great cost, the chapel is barely under Imperial control.

A River Runs Through It

Today I painted my river. I began painting the areas of styrofoam I didn't want melting.
I sprayed the insides of the shore with primer, which nicely ate away the smooth finish of the foam. Nature decided that I wasn't meant to spray outside, and kicked up a nasty wind, But I used a box (which made the wind howl outside) The entire shoreline was then painted black.
Then it was given a heavy drybrush of grey (dollar store brand, similar to codex grey).
I changed plans due to comments from the peanut gallery, who had said the foam looked like cement. The grey was then drybrushed with rotten flesh. This will tie the river in with some of my cityfight and temple terrain.
Next stage was the river itself. I started with a coat of pine green (dollar store!)
Lime green was next, using a very wet brush so it would spread well.
Blue and turquoise were then put side by side on the pallet, and a large brush dragged through it. This made the brush strokes two-toned. which helps give the river some depth. Lime green was streaked across areas that needed more "ew".
Almost lastly, the culverts, gascans and trees were painted. Adding rust effects to anything metal helps give the water a more corrosive appeance I think, (either way I like painting rust).

Finally, the ends are taped off and water effects poured in somewhat evenly. I am learning some neat things about leakage, otherwise the whole project went rather smoothly.

Planned for the future is a link to the factory complex (of course there will be dumping goo pipes), the bridge (for the section with the square blocks) and a broken bridge (for the enevitible). Possibly one or two other projects are rolling around my head (something fantasy/warmachine)? It also needs a second coat of water effects I think.

Thanks for looking!
Ricalope, SL.


A River Will Flow

I decided I needed a river for my table. As my terrain bins primarily consists of city and industrial zones, I decided on flat edged sides to keep the industrialized feel. The designs were first drawn up in my notebook, including construction and colors. I drew out 9 segments on a peice of press board, which I then cut out, each of them are 12" long with 7" connectors. The riverbank was made with a 1" strip of insulation foam roughly cut in half with a hot-wire cutter.

Next was to dig through the bitz box for stuff. Till roll pillars were added to one, (previously roughed up by an old project), a sewage pipe to two (scotch tape roll cut in half), and a sprinkling of trees and floating gas cans.
I think the riverbed might need some more...bubbles?...bones? Not sure yet. I am trying to keep the majority of the river usable for fantasy and warmachine battles as well.

Lastly, the edges get sand glued to them. The edges of the river will be textured later during the painting stage.

Until next post..
Ricalope, SL.


A Little Something from the Case

Most of the posts lately have been about nWo, so here is some 40k for you wargamers. These are a random selection of models from my "cool models only" case. This would be my Deathwing Terminator Librarian.
When this model came out I could not resist it. As I had a Deathwing/Ravenwing army in the making, he is a Dark Angel.

The Techmarine of my last space marine army, the "Astartes Mechanicus". Complete with full servo-harness and terminator armour (yes, I know, can't have it).
I just thought he would look cool, and as they were very cult mechanicus, he was rather important, so he gets the best stuff.
He is in the same color scheme as the rest of the army, I hope those marines are doing well...
Meet Inquisitor Bailey, Ordos Malleus. He likes to ride a horse. Meet Mr.Edd42-hOrse. The techmarines are very nice to the servants of the Emperor on Odin.
Complete with; Nemisis force sword (old skool w/ boltpistol), stormshield, nifty inquisitor bling.
I simply charge an extra 40 points to make him count as cavalry, bionic horse gives him +d6 attacks when charging (not 1). He likes to hang with the rough riders.
And now for something completely different; a warmachine model (a Cryx bane knight) mixed with some good old necron bitz. He used to be a necron lord, now he sits alone in the CMO case.
Well, I hope you enjoy these random selections. I must get back to painting rippers now, or possibly sleep...

Ricalope, SL.


Green Stuff Contagion

Here are those five termagaunts I was talking about earlier, now with putty! (As you can see, my nid-spelling is bad, oh well). They consist of; cork, beads, green stuff, glue, paper clip, flower wire, and of course, the termie himself. I think I am starting to get this whole sculpting gross stuff, and definitly trying to mold in a mark of Papa somewhere on each...

Posing the genestealers might be difficult, THEY ARE ALL SINGLE POSE!!!!! Grrrrrrr, hisss, snarl....Thank Tzeench for multi-part plastic kits. So it seems that each one will have to be reposed...

Until the paint dries,


Let The Infection Begin

Here are the first bits of evidence of progress. So far, I have figured out the basics of sculpting Nurgle's gifts (pox, sores, etc.) and attempting to nail down the color scheme. My favorite element so far is the bases, I wanted to get away from the standard sand and grass and acidic sludge is just the thing. It is simple as cork and bead bubbles. So far I have 6 hormagaunts finished, 5 termigaunts ready for putty, and 5 genestealers up for cutting. As an added bonus I made up 6 "spitter plants", these will be used as booby traps and other markers.


Color Scheming...

Here is the prototype for the swarm's color scheme. The carapaces will be getting a brass undercoat in the future to make them more metallic. The base is made from thinly sliced cork, busted up, with the top of the base showing (to make the sludge), there will be a white glue/varnish coat on the green. This is the only un-converted model in the army.


The Hive Has Arrived

Well boys and girls, the tyranids have arrived:
-Hive Tyrant
-Carnifex (2nd gen)
-Green Stuff
-Zoanthrope (2nd gen)<---I likes that one.
-Rippers! Rippers, some more rippers. (Chestbursters anyone?

The color scheme I was thinking of goes something like this: rusty semi-metallic carapace, pale green (or yellow? or purple?) skin, purple (or green if skin is purple) guts and pustules. Yes pustules! I think papa Nurgle would be pleased with this scheme, what do you think?

Also I think all the casualties will be eldar, just cause.


Psykic Chior (Assembly)

It all starts out with a bunch of bodies dragged out from the bitz box. The heads were selected for their baldness (yes, two of them have daemonette heads).
So here they are with heads and jacket bottoms. I used my secret "plastic bag" technique, which was inspired by some wikkid tallarns. The heads, of course, are inpired by The Lord of Change himself.
Putty, rolled flat on thin plasticard, then sculpted into Imperial sigils...
...they are then cut into separate pieces. Flagellant arms were added, (I bet they liked it too) the flails replaced by the sigils.
They are armed with laspistol and close combat weapons, see?
All together, with buttons and rivets (ty brita), and power cables.
I had thought of the battle psyker squad as less powerful psykers than others upon the tabletop, so they needed thier powers amplified. To solve this I gave them each a power pack upon thier backs, which I then plugged into thier sticks, making them psykic lightning rods.

Next time I have to remember to shave down the leg pockets. I have another 6 planned, I might need more putty.


Purge of the Chapel (Turn 2)

With daemons multiplying in the Chapel, the 609th prepare for daemonic assault.
Primaris Psyker Artois takes position in a ruin, his chior unleashing psykic death upon the daemons.
Although a soul grinder approaches...
The chaos forces destroy the valkyrie, both hellhounds and a couple of transports, leaving craters in their wake.