A River Runs Through It

Today I painted my river. I began painting the areas of styrofoam I didn't want melting.
I sprayed the insides of the shore with primer, which nicely ate away the smooth finish of the foam. Nature decided that I wasn't meant to spray outside, and kicked up a nasty wind, But I used a box (which made the wind howl outside) The entire shoreline was then painted black.
Then it was given a heavy drybrush of grey (dollar store brand, similar to codex grey).
I changed plans due to comments from the peanut gallery, who had said the foam looked like cement. The grey was then drybrushed with rotten flesh. This will tie the river in with some of my cityfight and temple terrain.
Next stage was the river itself. I started with a coat of pine green (dollar store!)
Lime green was next, using a very wet brush so it would spread well.
Blue and turquoise were then put side by side on the pallet, and a large brush dragged through it. This made the brush strokes two-toned. which helps give the river some depth. Lime green was streaked across areas that needed more "ew".
Almost lastly, the culverts, gascans and trees were painted. Adding rust effects to anything metal helps give the water a more corrosive appeance I think, (either way I like painting rust).

Finally, the ends are taped off and water effects poured in somewhat evenly. I am learning some neat things about leakage, otherwise the whole project went rather smoothly.

Planned for the future is a link to the factory complex (of course there will be dumping goo pipes), the bridge (for the section with the square blocks) and a broken bridge (for the enevitible). Possibly one or two other projects are rolling around my head (something fantasy/warmachine)? It also needs a second coat of water effects I think.

Thanks for looking!
Ricalope, SL.
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