Experiment of Death - Some Assembly Required

 The first thing to work on was the Wet Nurse's base, and since it didn't come with one I had to make one from scratch.  I stated with a large flat base, added a larger cork chunk, and then a larger cork chunk on top of that.  I then took out some plastic 'sidewalk', broke it to fit the cork, and then glued some of the broken off pieces at odd angles.
 The tiles were glued in multiple rounds, each round gluing on fewer tiles rising higher.  All the tiles will be painting in a checkerboard theme.  I am hoping the bases will give them a reality-bending feel.
 The base is larger than the nurse, allowing the extra room needed for it's women.  There is a story to be told with this mini, and it needs room to tell it!
 Behind the wet nurse, the floor is disintegrating faster (from contact?), I intend to use some kind of water fx to detail this further.
 Only the nurse is glued down, the ladies are waiting until after the putty is used.  There are only a couple of spots that need to be filled....around the big arms and 'horn'.
 The Twilight Knight also got a tiled base (the cork is only one layer thick) and her arm replaced.  Denghra donated her arm (from the Cryx battlebox) which fit almost perfectly.  The cloack had to be trimmed, and a bit of putty is required, but I think it works out.
 I see painting a lot of flesh tones in my future!
Until next round, be well.


Flesh Tearers - The Chapter Master

 I took my time with this marine, since he is the chapter master and all.  More effort was put into the layering and blending for each colour, and he has a lot more fiddly details to work on.
 This model was a lot of fun to work with.  It is a metal version, and has some of the crispiest detail I've seen and all the bits are solid.  I doubt this would have been the case with a Fincast version.
 At the rate I have been going, the second wave of 'Tearers should be done by the end of spring!
 Until next round....
...be well.


High Elves - Objective

 Every army needs some counters!  These could be used for wounds, captured standards, objectives, and all kinds of other things that need to be marked.  Next for the elves; elf chicks with magical bows!
Until next round, be well.


Hordes of Chaos - The Cartouchii

 "Those who bear the royal name of Tzeentch."
 My chaos warriors get a boost in the form of a unit of chosen and their very own sorceror.  They are all metal, making it a very heavy unit, which gave me a good reason to try out some new movement trays.  The new trays are made out of some plastic card and plastic strips (Evergreen 188 is the same height as a regular base).  The cork just wasn't working, it was too thick, too wide, and looked bad.  The cork will likely end up as rubble on some terrain somewhere.
 I painted the chosen to match the chaos knights with rich blue armour, magic-y red blades and lots of gold.  This creates a visual link between the two most favoured units of the bird-god.
 The original standard was really short and could barley be seen when in the unit so I had to change it for a better one.  The old one is destined for a hellcannon.  Also, the champion's helmet was swapped for the Tzeentchy helmet from the chaos marine box so he could have a third eye.

 Also, most of my units have an attached character, for the chosen I picked the Gamesday sorceror which came with the big box of goodies.
 Long have I coveted this mini.
I put so freehand mathematics on his cloak, as he practices offensive numerology.  The staff top was swapped out with an ushabti blade to continue the Egyptian flavour.  I might be starting to run out which means I might need to pick up some of those fancy Khemri plastic kits soon!
Until next round, be well and worship chaos.


High Elves - More Firepower

 Two more bolt throwers were added to the high elf army.  One can never have too many, in my opinion.
 The high elf army is continuing to grow, I am told that I may be getting to paint nearly every unit in the army book.  I find these ongoing commissions the most fun.  At the tabletop quality, once the colour scheme is nailed down, my brushes can just glide along and I can get a fair bit done rather quickly.
 The hard part is sitting down to take pictures and post on the blog.
 Like the previous two, the arrows alternate between orange and blue, which helps to differentiate between the two crews.
Until next round, be well.


Experiment of Death - Unboxing

 I received a box, a much anticipated delivery from Kingdom Death.  Long have I looked upon their models with longing.  I ordered the Experiment of Death box which is a pvc plastic re-cast of two awesome models.
 I have always wanted a Wet Nurse, it is such an insane model.  I will be making some work in progress posts, starting here and ending with some nWo rules for the both of them.  Let's open the box shall we?
 It slides...
 Two cards, with wicked art.
 These will get frames and put up in the war room.
 Bags of bits.
 They each have their own bag.  Only one base, for the Twilight Knight.
 The Twilight Knight bits.  One thing jumps out at me immediately; both swords are broken!  One is broken twice!  Don't worry....I have a plan.  Mold lines are not too bad, less than the usual amount I see on other minis.
 The base, has an insert?
 The Wet Nurse's bits.  Lots of arms, a "tail", and some naked chicks.
 It is about the size of a warbeast/dreadnought/warjack but with all the weight on the bottom.  All of the details are crisp, and the cast is hollow.
 Fully detailed ladies. These will be used to set the scene on the base.
Until next round, be well.

Blood Bowl - Got Balls?

Until next round...


Flesh Tearers - More Signs of Heresy

 Here are the other two fallen 'Tearers, with many signs of having fallen to the fell powers.  If I was an Inquisitor they would all burn.
 But I confess, I like heretics.  Traitor marines are much more fun than your average 'always been evil' heretic.
 Until next round...
...be well.


Space Wolves - Let The Dogs Out

 Lack of posts can only mean one thing; lots of painting!  Here is the first pack of a new commission, some Grey Hunters.  These marines are painted in the same technique as the Flesh Tearers, but with some notable differences due to their Space Wolf nature.
 These guys are from the Redmaw Great company, thus the bloodstained muzzles and faceplates.
 I went with white painted sand for the snow bases.  I find that the GW snow is difficult to work with and turns yellow after a month.  It still looks frosty me thinks.
 Compared to the Flesh Tearers, these guys have fewer purity seals and such, but a lot more other bits like armour details and fur bits all over the place.  The skin tones are darker (not so vampish) and the hair more varied in colours.  I am really liking the space-viking feel of these guys.
Until next round, keep painting!