GottaCon is Imminent

 The final preparations are in full swing.  All other projects have been pushed to the backburner until Monday.  The trolls are ready and the kilt fits fine.
 Painting competition entries have been chosen, an agonizing process as many of you know, and they all are complete except one...
Updated nWo books are being printed, stacked and stapled.  The adventuring party has received a magnetized tray, complete with bunny.
 And the Iron Arena is complete!  Gaze upon its virgin plain....
 The arena dominates a 4'x4' board, the stone border sits 10" in from the edge (what was kill box at the time...)
 There are rumours that Cryx uses this venue to harvest materiel, I'm not going to say they don't...
 The proper irrigation of the various fluids that are spilled here is essential.  Blood, boilerwater and other liquids are pumped underground to avoid flooding.
 Two large drains sit on either side, filled with goo and stuff.
 The whole thing was painted in the same scheme as Steamtown.  All of the walls and pipe fit in perfectly, but a dedicated table needs more,
 In addition, 14 pieces of terrain were made for modular deployment.  Two metal hills, four walls (cover), four rubble strips (concealment) and four pillars.
 The idea is that before deployment, a player rolls a d3 and adds one for every ten points the game is, this is how many pieces of terrain are placed with the standard terrain placement rules in the book.
 The pillars are for flavour and are not part of the terrain placement stuff.  If both players are cool with it, the pillars can be used by any beast or jack with an open fist.  The pillar adds +4 to melee damage and has knockback (the target gets slammed).  If the jack/beast has two open fists they can throw it; range is half the user's Str, POW 4 (plus user's Str), the pillar is then placed on its side beside the target (scatter for which side).  The pillar can be carried or dropped without spending an action, while picking one up would cost one action.
Until GottaCon...be well...


A New Nightmare - Complete

 Here's my finished Nightmare.  Some of you might remember him from the WIP post when I converted a slayer to be a creepy character 'jack.  If not, got there now, I'll wait...
 With the new angle of the torso, the under-bits are easier to paint and see and the arms and tentacles are far enough from the body to not cause any painting issues.  It was a pretty simple paint job, but most helljacks are.  Nightmare got a bunch of little runes on his shoulders and hands, cause he is special.
 He fits in with the other wraiths better (the wraith engine and the still in progress/scratch built machine wraith).  Now I just need to find a model for epic Denny, I will likely be looking in the Anima range, but until then he has been great for regular Denny.  Oddly, using him with Mortenebra's terminal velocity has been the most complementary (spd 11 when charging a living prey model and boosted attack rolls, whats not to like?)
Anyone else have out-of-the-box tactics for this monster?
Until next round...


Space Hulk - Churchbot and Cup

 These are the markers from the Space Hulk box, nifty little things.  Since all of the terminators are finished, these two were next.
 These are magnetized to sit on the bases, and the cup has a corresponding magnet on the sitting terminator corpse.  These were pretty easy/fast/fun to do. I would like to have these guys in my marker collection; does anyone have some for trade?
Until next round!


Gator With a Dreamcoat?

 As a thank-you, I picked up Wrongeye and Snapjaw for a blighted friend of mine and painted them up in some bright colours to fit in with his Legion.  When I asked about his colour choice, he responded with a resounding orange!
 And I obliged.  Snapjaw was pretty simple, lots of orange and some dark scales.  Hollow metal minis are weird to assemble.
 Both of their bases started with some cork.  The exposed surface of the bases was done with blue ink (slightly watered down), and the cork drybrushed with white (over the 2-step-primer). Snow was added, because I like snow and there should be more of it. The rims were left undone, the scurvy bastard hasn't nailed it down on is minis yet...
 Wrongeye, on the other hand, was a bit more complicated.  He's got lots of fiddily-bitz and a technicolour coat.  The two voodoo dolls are painted to emulate a trollkin and Khadorian, some favoured opponents.
 And a side picture of Snapjaw because blogger likes to shuffle things.....
 Some favourite details; the clock, shoulder-puffin and squidwine.
 The Legion that will be hiring these guys are really bright (they glow like summer on a neutron star).  Snapjaw's coat is actually camouflage.
Until next round....


The Last of Them?

 Wow, that was a journey.  Almost two sets of Space Hulk terminators all magnetized, converted and sent from the far East of Canada.
 These termies sport the rather fashionable hazard striping accessorized with ample bling and some osl on the power weapons.
 I'm quite happy to see these guys done.  Not only do I think they look cool, but it makes me that much closer to completion on this project (from the minis I have at least).
The second crusader's engines are rumbling...and I think a group shot might be in order.  Until next round!


Harold the Mighty

 Here's the latest Cryxian I've finished up; a scavanger bonejack.  It took me a while to get my hands on him due to ordering problems, but a blighted friend picked him up for me.  Friends are cool.
 I posed him in a "you interrupted my meal" stance.  The meal in question is the Khador arm (they are tastey after all, Cankerworm told me so,) which also provides him with some height.  Flying models should always be taller.
 The scavanger is a nasty piece of work.  It seems to work best along with a pistol wraith, here's why.  The scavanger gets extra damage dice against wounded things, so shoot the target with the wraith, and this little bonejack can even finish off a heavy jack (with a focus or two).
Until next round, watch the skies!


More Black and Red

 Back again with some Flesh Tearers!  Almost done all the terminators (well at the time of writing this I am done the terminators, two more to show!)  The first box is nearly completed.
 I'm a little taken back by the amount and quality of the conversions on the second batch to differentiate all twenty of these guys given the static poses they started in.  Nice job Tristan!


 I love the missile launcher.  IMHO, the sentinel missile launcher is the coolest of all of them, so it gets hazard stripes (although I wanted to write "don't point at face" on it...)
Updates should be imminent, there are many things I should be taking pics of...
...until next round!


Troll with Acid

 If you are wondering why it has been so quiet around here, it is because I've been painting everything in sight (almost).  I am also quite behind on my photographing, which means a backlog of posts!  To start things off; here is Slagg, my slag troll.
 He is similar to the rest of the trolls, except for his stony bits which I made more green than the others to show his acidity.  And, yes, he has a pet snake (I picked up a blister full of them that I got just for the trolls).
Slagg has seen a fair bit of table time, being almost exactly like Sparky (the pyre troll) but one point more and acid (not fire).  He sees less time now that I have a mauler, mostly in Gunnbjorn lists.

GottaCon is less than a month away.....until next round!