Gator With a Dreamcoat?

 As a thank-you, I picked up Wrongeye and Snapjaw for a blighted friend of mine and painted them up in some bright colours to fit in with his Legion.  When I asked about his colour choice, he responded with a resounding orange!
 And I obliged.  Snapjaw was pretty simple, lots of orange and some dark scales.  Hollow metal minis are weird to assemble.
 Both of their bases started with some cork.  The exposed surface of the bases was done with blue ink (slightly watered down), and the cork drybrushed with white (over the 2-step-primer). Snow was added, because I like snow and there should be more of it. The rims were left undone, the scurvy bastard hasn't nailed it down on is minis yet...
 Wrongeye, on the other hand, was a bit more complicated.  He's got lots of fiddily-bitz and a technicolour coat.  The two voodoo dolls are painted to emulate a trollkin and Khadorian, some favoured opponents.
 And a side picture of Snapjaw because blogger likes to shuffle things.....
 Some favourite details; the clock, shoulder-puffin and squidwine.
 The Legion that will be hiring these guys are really bright (they glow like summer on a neutron star).  Snapjaw's coat is actually camouflage.
Until next round....
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