Warp Wednesday 28: Rabbit Thoughts

Welcome to Wednesday! Lets take a look at what is going on around here, things have been shaking in the Grimdark future these days. Finecast, Grey, Blood, Wolves, not-nice eldar, and no "Summer of Fliers" (unless you read a WD lately). Haven't touched Finecast, seen a few nightmares, how is that quality control doing? Those SMurfs...not a marine player. Not-nice eldar were refreshing, with a nice 'dex and even better models, IMO. Would have been nice to have gotten a plastic hydra kit or a nightwing....
I also heard some such thing as "codex creep" (which makes me picture a skinny dude in the corner metagaming and reading rules), that apparently describes the phenomena of newer books being better than the older ones. (Keep in mind my Daemonhunters are now unusable and Sisters...well.) The codex is one part of the formula for a great game, not the whole part. Consider tactics; terrain, placement, movement and the like. Importantly; attitude (we ARE playing with toys here).

Witch Hunters bring me to this point, my opponents mortally fear the black codex of doom. I use tokens to track faith points and vary the list with Inquisitors or the Priesthood. Although not as varied as my other forces, one of my favorites. So, a WD codex, virtually no improvements and some nerfing. Where is the Redeemer? (I dare you to try and keep the Sisterhood away from flame cannons). Sadly, the girls will be shelved until a real codex comes out, I just can't.....
So I am going to work on my Radical Inquisition force and rules, unless GW does the only thing that can save the Inquisition: their own codex. Think of it, Codex: Inquisition, with the three ordos, mercenary xenos, psychic choirs and unbound daemonhosts. Radical dude!

Until next round, be well.
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