Wraith Engine - Completion!

Here he is, all painted and ready to claw his way through everything in front of him. There was a lot of him to paint, but it was both enjoyable and rewarding! Having a soul-powered-killing-machine is so worth all those weird angles.
He has been named; Wraith Nikodemius Gene, or Gene for short. (No, my iron lich does not have a knack for original names.)
The tubes are my favorite part, they seem to look almost organic.
It is a lot of base to deal with too. It was a similar experience as painting any other really large monster, plus a healthy dose of necromachanics. Althuogh I like the traditional Cryx scheme, I prefer a hell-spawned/steampunk feel, and I think the blue/black and brass bring it out.
Your thoughts? I would like to hear them.
Until next round, be well (and beware of soul-powered-killing-machines!)

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