Space Hulk Flesh Tearers - The Next Three

Sometimes I find it difficult to keep the blog up to speed, these guys are a good example of that. They have actually been finished for a month now...
This chap is one of my favorites, "I am crushing your head!"
The 'nid bits are painting to match the 'stealers who were sent with these guys, I think I did pretty good.
The more osl I do, the easier it becomes.
Ah, the GPS-guy..
Still not sure what he is doing...
"There's a Starfort Coffee around the corner, and Brother Frank is there!"
And finally, the sergeant-like guy.
I love all the bling on these guys, have I mentioned that yet?
This project is still moving along, despite the GottaCon deadline approaching for some other projects. More soon, until next round.
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