Warp Wednesday 21: Warchallenge Announce!

Warchallenge is the first contest (held by the Rabbit Hole) this year. The challenge is to amass a 15 point battlegroup (or warpack) for Warmachine (or Hordes) by April 23rd.
There are two ways to enter, the best is to come down to the Rabbit Hole (if you are in the area that is) and the second would be to email your entry to rabbitholezero@gmail.com. What needs to be included are pictures of the battlegroup (or the battlegroup itself). Any background (fluff), counters or other thingies that associate with the battlegroup are welcome.
All participants (and any spectators) will be voting for the winner. A form will be posted along with each of the entrants at Rabbit Hole Games.

The winner will be declared the following Warp Wednesday. The prize? I will assemble and paint a heavy warjack (or warbeast) and send it to the winner, and bragging rights of course.

Best of luck to you,


Dragonfather Rising: Skarlock

This is my finished skarlock, Loki. This model was another of the things that brought me over to Warmachine.
Loki was one of those models I couldn't put down once I started, so he got finished fast. Even though he didn't take long, I am happy with the result.
The original model had no 'stacks, and I think he looks much happier with a couple.
The undead legion now counts in at 15 points...I think a game is called for soon.


War of the Peacock

-Black Legion, Wolframs. You had some very interesting allies, Seer.-
-It was unavoidable Autarch. Without intervention the maiden world would have fallen, we would have lost the webway gate in the Phasian cloud. As it is we only have a tenacious hold.-
-Did you at least get Dragger? I see, he didn't show, that is...disappointing. Your little 'hunt' cost us the dragons and the spears, what did it cost them?-
-They weathered the storm, as did we.- The Seer looked directly into the eyes of the Autarch, -the Phasian gate is held, that will be all that matters.-

-You seers and your futures.- Jaher walked down the crystal path, his anger pooling at is feet, enough to power an Avatar. -Next time, Seer, consult the War Council.-

The ancient seer of Ulthwe smiled under his ghosthelm, -you would argue with the wisdom of Karandras?- Leaving Jaher in stunned silence Eldrad walked through the portal. Craftworld Apseraph vibrated with the Autarch's fury.

Wolframs Big Picture


Operation Looming Peacock

-What is our destination Seer?-
-That large black box.-
There was a noticeable psychic murmur, -the Box? We are taking the whole armada into the Box?-
-The Seer wants our assistance on a very distant world.- Seer Nivek raised he volume of his mind to encompass the host. -As you know, we are to meet the Wolframs again, not to kill them but to help.-
-Let the mon-keigh die.- -This is folly.- -They reek of the taint.-
-Silence!- Even the spirit stones quieted, -we will kill the ork, the daemon and any of their traitor's filth. But this day we are the Wolfram's allies.- Nivek paused, -and don't tell Autarch Jaher...he will be pissed.-


Undead Flesh

For an unlimited time, even you can have undead skin in four easy stages! Start with a good rotting flesh undercoat. Yum.
Next, grab some leviathan purple wash (alternately, for skin that has been dead longer use a blue wash). Only wash the upper areas of your skin...
The oddly named thrakka green wash is next. Since you didn't wash your armpits, under your chin, and other shady places, these areas will get green.
Get your rotting flesh back out and do a highlight on the raised areas like bony protrusions and muscles.

Happy Necromancy!


Death Mountain (5) - Finished!!

Death Mountain, day five.
The walls were given a dark green basecoat, then drybushed with lighter greens.
I decided to go with metallics for the statues, to get an unwelcoming look. The metal grates were also given a brown wash for a quick weathering.
Then a bunch of smaller details were done, like skulls, aquillas and missiles. For these I switched to regular paints for a more solid color.
I just want to thank everyone who has followed me along this massive project, your support is invaluable!
That makes one big project done, I guess deadlines are good sometimes...
Until next time,

Death Mountain (4)

Death Mtn, day four.

The wind gods are angry, and they were made more angry when I set up a box so I could spray the mountain. But, as if to spite them, I win.
Anything pink (the foam) was undercoated by hand first, so to stop the worst of the melting.
The main rock is done. For painting any large chunk of terrain I use dollar-store acrylics.
And lastly, here's a pic of Puka's chaos spawn.



Warp Wednesday 20: Candy vs Poison

Ok, so the current buzz online is the stormraven, or what I would like to call the "death pelican". Seriously? You guys think that I am not going to laugh at every one I see on the table? Luckily, Forgeworld gave us a sincere apology for their plastic counterparts, a sexy new grav tank. They are calling it the Warp Hunter, and damn, its nice. Apology accepted.

But there is always something to make it askew, and I am talking about the new aspect shrine. The Shadow Specters are pretty sweet, with jump packs (so we can move like battlesuits) but I have one major complaint. SHADOW specters have PRISM cannon-like guns. See the problem there? Dark, ghostly wraith-like dudes, with guns that harness massive laser charges.

If I was a specter from the shadows, I would want a gun that wasn't so bright, just saying.

Eldar vs theoryhammer, this never bodes well. Here is my theory on the eldar list/points;
-any unit on its own is not worth the points.
-any unit directly compared to anther army's equivalent, still not worth it.
-an entire eldar army, planned well and working together, is a symphony of death.

For instance, the farseer. He is one of the worst HQ's in combat and there are mon-keigh who can destroy the table with psychic powers. Oh, and he is T3. Now put a farseer with a bunch of Dire Avengers, or Dark Reapers, and you make marines cry (given that you take the right powers).

So, in conclusion, its not how much you spend, its how you use it.
lol, death pelican.....


Death Mountain (3)

Death Mtn. day three. Not too much was worked on with "life" getting in the way.
Some spaces on the towers were fixed with platicard.
The heavy bolters were assembled and put on pins for easy removal, and those little bastion eagles and a skull were added.
Then the clay was broken out to fix the gaps in the foam.
The build is over, and it is ready for paint.
Thanks to everyone for the awesome comments, a mammoth project like this can always use some encouragement to complete.
Thanks for looking, remember that Death Mtn. will be at GottaCon if you want to look closer.


Death Mountain (2)

Death Mountain, Day Two.
Particulars are being put in place. The orbital laser and door specifically.
There are a few areas where the foam is still too square, they get marked off and cut.

The lower bunker's floor is extended with textured plastic, that good stuff with the grids. Other areas were marked for rubble deposits (I use arrows for where to cut, and exes for rubble, so as not to get confused.)
Some plasticard is added to cover up the edges, but not where the rubble is going. A plastic rod is sliced into thin pieces and used for rivets. I find that anything can be made to look 40kish with the addition of rivets
Rubble is added from the scrap foam to the gaps and open spaces. All through the rubble process it is good to keep in mind that models need to fit, get in combat and other shenanigans, while keeping it defensible.
Soon it will be ready for paint :)


Death Mountain (1)

Death Mtn, Day One.
With GottaCon only a couple weeks away I ventured through the sunlight to my local GW to pick up the Fortress of Redemption.
These sketches are old, before I saw the sprues and fitted bits together, but they are on hand as reference. Thus armed, I began to dig at the styrofoam.
This was set up #1. The plan was to stretch it across 2 2'x2' foam bases, with enough room for a tank pit. Although it might have worked ok, it was not true to the feel of the sketches (or what I had in mind).
So I switched to a single 2'x2' base. This made it more cliffy and claustrophobic. From the beginning I was wanting something embedded into the rock, not simply built on top.
The first layer was trimmed (roughly), fitted, and glued.
Then a second layer. The first piece (the base) is an inch thick, but a lot firmer than the 3" pink foam.
And layer three, that's a 17" tall mountain fortress.
See you for day 2,