Rouge AI

Happy New Year! To celebrate, I built a gfr (giant frikken robot), just because. Most of it is scratch built from plasticard, tubes as well as some random vehicle bitz lying about.
Here is where it all started. This morning, when I caught the bug, I began sketching the basic design, figuring out the whats and wheres. I have to thank Dust for inspiring me to embark on this project. The designs helped me figure out the legs specifically, where the body is more 40k-ish.
So far, it has taken a day to plan and build, and it will most likely take another day to finish some details and the base. To visualize the size of this gfr, a sentinel is as tall as its waist.
This doesn't fit into any existing army, as robots are heresy, so I figure it would be a mercenary or rouge. After it is painted (and named) I will likely write some background as well as a datasheet. Now I am toying with the idea of building a small mercenary force.
Armoured up.
Have a great hobby year!
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