GFR Update - IKE

Just a quick update on I.K.E. In addition to basecoats, he has been named. I.K.E. stands for "Interactive Killing Engine". I wanted a red robot, so I began with mechrite red foundation, then working up to a blood red.
For yellow, I begin with vomit brown, followed by bubonic brown. Then the entire robot is washed with ogryn flesh.
The markings have been started, both technical ones (like I.K.E.'s name) and yellow dots (which will become smiley faces). And of course, hazard stripes (warning: legs and guns!)
The base I am trying to keep simple and sci-fi. There is just some tubes/wires added, with the base-top painted to concrete. The no-slip iron is a textured plasticard available from hobby train stores.
Well there he is, for now,
Until next time, Ricalope.
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