A Four Foot Pipe

Here is the story of my four foot pipe. After a 3am game, I decided to make some quick (and cheap) terrain instead of just talking about it. Since having a pipeline was in my mind, I grabbed the box and bag of tubes.
Till tubes, a plastic sign, a couple of primer lids, and a handful of other plastic trash were strewn about the living room. After three hours of cutting and gluing, four feet of pipeline was built and primed black. But I was assaulted by orks as the paint dried, so I had to defend myself.
After the skirmish, I rested. But upon waking I immediately.....worked on something else for a while. But this afternoon, on the other hand, I painted them. Painting took about as long as the construction, and after around six hours I think they look table-ready.
And that was the story of a four foot pipe.
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