Sat 7 - Number Twenty Three

Here we are, it is Saturday again! Here are seven posts that caught my eye this week:

- Zen 40k's Bloodstalker.
- Typhon from Plarzoid.
- Necron conversions over at Ten Inch Template.
- BBQ zombie hunters from The War Continues.
- Dave Taylor's corpse handler.
- Magnus goes over to Skorne on the PP Insider.
- Some troll warlocks over at the Hordebloods project.

Next weekend is the GottaCon gaming convention, Sat 7 #24 will appear the week after due to massive dosages of gaming! Until next round.


Iron Lich Asphixious

Once a druid of the Circle, this iron lich has upgraded and joined Lord Toruk's party. His name is Asphixious and he is one of the most iconic warcasters in the Iron Kingdoms. He often pops up in the awesome rulebook fluff as he has a lot of nefarious plans to fulfill. In his pre-epic incarnation (yet to enslave a lich lord and raise an epic 'caster of is own) he is pretty bad-ass with a feat that refills his focus AND hurts everyone close to him. He rocks a monocle, hangs with undead ladies, and he has joined my Cryxian horde!
I will likely be using him as my main 'caster (with the Iron Lady as my secondary). I get evil chuckles whenever I read his stat card; sustained attack + feat + teleport. Cankerworm and him have a lot of fun on the battlefield, the little fella is an essential to any Asphxious list. His stats are decent, for a dead guy, and his other spells are lackluster but all-around-useful.
Nice rules and all, but the mini sells the whole package. It isn't over the top (like his epic self is) but regal and commanding. He has the presence of a leader who choses who, when and where he fights. He has a plan.
The 'classic' version suits me best, being thinner and not in motion like the 2010 version. Staying in the fluff (I am a rabbit after all) all my 'casters belong to Asphixious' mainland invasion deep in the Thornwood. All that remains of the army is Deathjack, a machine wraith, two necrotechs and a handful of zombies.
I also put together a marker, which will be used to represent the parasite spell. The ball and fire are putty mounted on a paperclip wire. The fun part was the spiral on the orb. There are still a few counters to make, I just can't resist making a complete set....
More soon, until next round.


Sat 7 - Number Twenty Two

Here are again, it is Saturday! Here are seven posts that caught my eye this week. Prepare for awesomeness....

-Over at Fawcett Ave. a swordwind gets some more warmachines.
- Path of the Exodite made an excellent head for his titan.
- Santa vs the Yeti, by Ludstuff!
- No. 5's scourges have some nice lighting effects on them and his razorwings are wikkid!
- Die Vinci's MERCS are pretty cool.
- This is awesome.

Until next round friends!


Space Hulk Flesh Tearers - The Last Three (for now)

The last three of the 'regular' terminators, almost finished the marine half of the Space Hulk box (two markers and the librarian to go!) These guys were a lot of fun...
Mr. Lightning Claws, he's one angry chap.
..and from the back...
A look at his shiny claws...
This guy gets a lot of flak, Mr. Flamer.
Odd that the guy with the flame-thrower is the most covered in parchment, and it is all on the front.
The instrument of purification in question...
This guy really hates the floor, or really paranoid.
..from the back...
After the imminent convention, the libby and some death co. are next, until next round.


Sat 7 - Number Twenty One

*Saturday has been delayed due to troll.*
Happy Saturday everyone, here are seven posts that caught my eye this week.

- Daith's Forge has a really nice Deathmaster Snikch.
- Massive Voodoo shows us some nice finished minis.
- Heresy Workshop has converted a Blood Pact Herald, well done!
- Rust and the City's renegade sergeant is finished, I love this mini.
- An awesome shadowseer from the Painting Corps.
- A chaos war mammoth from the Madhouse, I might do something like that myself...
- A Thousand Sons' Falchion from Mordian 7th, nice model and a great paintjob!

That's it for this week, until next round!


Grimm, the Reaper

Meet Grimm, a Cryxian Reaper. This big fella is the last 'jack needed for the tournament at GottaCon. That's right folks, no 40k for me this year (maybe next year Hive Fester or the Carnevil will be ready, or possibly fantasy....)
Back to Grimm. I wanted a different leg pose for him, so after some cutting and filing, he is bracing himself for when he has to haul in one of those big red 'jacks.
With such a low model count, I can go nuts on the bases without going crazy. (Wait a sec...nm.) The whole force still needs a purity seal (waiting for the weather to agree) and some dead grass hither and thither.
The Time of Cryx is drawing to a close, soon the Year of the Troll begins! Until next round...


Space Hulk Flesh Tearers - The Next Three

Sometimes I find it difficult to keep the blog up to speed, these guys are a good example of that. They have actually been finished for a month now...
This chap is one of my favorites, "I am crushing your head!"
The 'nid bits are painting to match the 'stealers who were sent with these guys, I think I did pretty good.
The more osl I do, the easier it becomes.
Ah, the GPS-guy..
Still not sure what he is doing...
"There's a Starfort Coffee around the corner, and Brother Frank is there!"
And finally, the sergeant-like guy.
I love all the bling on these guys, have I mentioned that yet?
This project is still moving along, despite the GottaCon deadline approaching for some other projects. More soon, until next round.


Sat 7 - Number Twenty

Welcome back to Saturday! Here are those posts that caught my eye...

- Eye of Error solves the break-dancing grotesque problem.
- Path of the Exodite shows us his warphunter.
- Drathmere almost makes me want some necrons.
- Mandrakes that actually look cool from Eye of Error.
- DFG's 13th Company is inspiring.
- How to make apocalyptic muscle cars, from the Hippo.
- What's best in life Sgt. Gorasan?

Some great looking minis out there...until next round.



The Kabal is growing, slowly. The bitz are gathering, the overseers are rising.
This year, the dark kin will receive some time on the Project Table, in due time.
The break in the tube will be fixed with some inventive gluing.
The Kabal will consist of Urien and his three apprentices, accompanied by their wracks and grotesques, flying raiders. Two squads of scourges and four venom-mounted warriors will give the webway portals covering fire. The beasts, chronos and talos, will exit these portals along side the evil clown carnival. Fast support will be provided by the troupe's jetfighter and jetbikes. A complete force-org of scary carnies.
The talos in question. His new arms just seemed right.
Until next round, beware of trolls.