Ever since I started collecting Cryx, about a year ago, I've had Deathjack lumbering around without paint and unused. So, while I was working on a certain terminator librarian, I put some coats on the big fella too.
When I first built him, I made him bigger, and it looked to odd. A while ago I went back and did some cutting and re-gluing to reduce the proportions. Happy with the new size, he sat about for a while more.
I stayed to a simple palette, like the rest of my helljacks but with a subtly different tone.
He was one hell of a heavy, spikey chunk of metal to paint, but surprisingly fast too.
On the table he is a beast with a potential 5 focus, able to cast spells, take souls, regenerate, and the best helljack stats (so far). Completely worth 12 points.
Until next round.
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