Ever since I started collecting Cryx, about a year ago, I've had Deathjack lumbering around without paint and unused. So, while I was working on a certain terminator librarian, I put some coats on the big fella too.
When I first built him, I made him bigger, and it looked to odd. A while ago I went back and did some cutting and re-gluing to reduce the proportions. Happy with the new size, he sat about for a while more.
I stayed to a simple palette, like the rest of my helljacks but with a subtly different tone.
He was one hell of a heavy, spikey chunk of metal to paint, but surprisingly fast too.
On the table he is a beast with a potential 5 focus, able to cast spells, take souls, regenerate, and the best helljack stats (so far). Completely worth 12 points.
Until next round.


Karrde said...

That's awesome.

What's your secret to the gold as it's really impressive.

Karrde said...

I love the gold, it's amazing.

What's the secret of your success?

Wildeyedjester said...

Thats a great looking model. Very sharp looking paint job you have there.

I hated putting this thing together and pinning it when I built mine. I think i pierced my thumb three times. Equal parts blood and superglue I guess... Regardless, i got so tired I have put mine on old for painting for a long while, too.

Unknown said...

Karrde - I used blighted gold (p3), shining gold (gw) and burnished gold (gw).

Karrde said...

Cool ta.

Sorry for double post - I couldn't remember if I'd gushed and asked!