Orrin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor

I got this model with a bunch of other Iron Kingdoms minis, intending to add him to the Adventuring Party, until I noticed that a friend had mercenary stat card which looked suspiciously like him. Since he will work for Cryx (and he is a rogue inquisitor) he has been added to my mage corps.
As an Iron Kingdoms mini, he goes by the name of Vahn Oberen, he was a straight forward and quick mini to paint. I tried to keep him bright, without adding more colors to the green tone. I think he turned out ok.
On the table, he hasn't done much yet. His lightning arc was fun but couldn't get through the man'o'wars, and his null field prompted the enemy to kill him quickly. We'll see what happens in future games.
Until next round.
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