Space Elf on Giant Lizard (WIP)

I finally dragged the giant lizard out from the bitz box along with some elf and eldar stuff to make a Dragon Prince for my exodites.
The first step; planning and the base. I rounded up a bunch of wood elf, high elf and eldar bitz to make the chair and rider. Sometimes I feel neurotic, sitting for hours digging in a box (which reminds me of my old lego box) fussing and swearing over a mini.
Yeah....the base is made from layers of plasticard. To keep things looking "eldar", all the lines are curved, nothing should be parallel or straight.
Awww, isn't he the cutest lil munster evar?
One piece at a time things are fitted, filed and refitted until things start to work.
Here is a close-up of the imminent Dragon Prince himself, based upon a guardian body (with shoulder pads removed) and high elf dragon rider arms and legs. Adding a brightlance to his axe, it turns it into a halberd of futuristic proportions.
The chair.
Here he is almost ready for the third coat of putty. Oddly, the putty was most needed on joins the were supposed to be joined, the converted rider only needed a belt.
I hope you like him, until the next time,