Warp Wednesday Four: Creepy Things

Hello again, welcome to another wednesday, I know, it happens every week...

Here in the warp we have my favorite and least used model in my collection, featuring no conversions; skeleton w/ chainsaw! (Happy Hallowe'en all!)

Also, a shot of the "Turn Tree" (pronounced 'turin' for some reason). No, they are not nurglings, but Tzeenchlings (kinda the same but orange and blue), and I have no idea where they came from.

Hmmm, scary things? Dragon ohgrs are pretty scary (last I used them they pounded three units without taking a wound). On my quest to make cheaper ohgrs, I fused the plastic oghrs with the fat cold ones, and it was surprisingly easy, (much putty was used).

And lastly, a shot of my chaos ohgrs. The 'big' one is the one with the stomach problems (nothing says love like belly bitey). As you can tell, I used many krootox heads, I think this gives them the essential "Tzeench look." The ohgrs themselves are armoured with dryad heads nailed to their bodies, as well as providing great protection, it also aggravates the wood elves (which makes them miss more often in shooting I think).

Well, back to painting bugz...
Ricalope, SL.


A Guy With A Hammer

Hello again,
I was intending to enter a painting contest for the Scheffeild Irregulars, and had four days to build and complete a winter themed model. I selected a Warmachine model from the Khador range. This would be the last model from a previous commission for a friend of mine. As I have already painted the rest of his army the color scheme would be easy, what was not easy was the conversion.

It had been a while since I assembled a Warmachine model, and forgot that they need either pins, putty or both to hold together. In addition, being metal models, difficult to carve helmets out of. This chap would be some kind of unit leader I suppose, with his hat and non-regulation weapon.

So, I had four days, assembled on the first day, it was off to a good start. Then I slacked off too long, he was finished two days late. On the good side, a good friend has a cool model, and I learned how to apply snow better (thanks here).

Ricalope, SL.


Warp Wednesday Three: Inquisitor Bacardi (and friends)

Hello again, welcome to another Warp Wednesday. I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of the readers (even if you just look at the pictures), your collective interest provokes me to finish those dusty projects I have laying about.

Well, I guess I should start with the introductions; meet Grand Mistress Inquisitor Bacardi, commander of the Imperial forces on Odin Primary. Surrounding her are her current retinue, and behind, the Invincible II, Bacardi's personal transport.

I refuse to limit myself to ranges when it comes to the Inquisition. You might notice non-GW models and bitz here and there, such as the hammer-wielding acolyte (from the Warmachine range from Privateer Press). To be fair, once any model has reached my hands, it usually is immediately dumped into the bitz box (unless I have a project in mind). Any suitable bit, embellished with similar icons, symbols and color scheme, can see active service on the tabletop. To make this a proper rant (and I apologize) I must say one last thing; to limit your imagination is a crime, use everything!

Lets talk of transportation, spacifically a land raider named Invincible II. This tank is by far the oldest of all my armour, I have owned it three times and painted it four times (not including touch ups), the third time it narrowly escaped ork "ownership". For such an ancient vehicle it needed a special purpose, so it became my primary HQ transport. The varied icons, purity seals and other bling has been collected throughout its service, giving each a meaning and history (even if I don't remember the specifics). Upon the back (which is labelled) you might notice the modification to the engine block, proof that the Inquisition is powered by the suffering of heretics. This "heretic engine" has since become a type of signature on some vehicles (both my baneblade and sister's repressor have one).

Happy veiwing,
Inquisitor Ricalope.


Brood Infex (Warriors WIP)

With 11 hormagaunts and 5 rippers finished (and Frankie on the way), I needed some synapse. I have always liked the tyranid warriors ever since I first saw them, therefore my swarm will have a few of these guys. These three are the ones who get to stand behind the smaller ones, shooting at stuff and holding the line.

Yes, I know, warriors can't have feeder tendrils, but I like converting them ;p I count them as flesh hooks. Using guitar wire is rather easy and effective, and the plastic beads work well for the larger puss bubbles, (the hooks on the flesh hooks are from a very unfortunate genestealer).

This brood was also an experiment on working with the warriors themselves. I plan to make tyrant guard, ravenors, lictors, and possibly a couple of zoanthropes out of the warrior box.

Oh yeah, the third fellow (with the head), he is the "synapse node" of the brood. This has no real effect on game, just fluff, and I think it looks cool.

See you Wednesday!
Ricalope, SL.


Meet Frankie, My Slaughterfex (WIP)

I decided to start on my carnafex, (I am currently painting hormagaunts and puttying warriors), only because I am scared of him. I wanted to position the model with a more aggressive pose, so I started at the legs. I placed him on cork, with his hind leg on the "second" shelf (for that punching-something-smaller look) and positioned his body angled. To continue the motion, flesh-hooks/implant attacks were added, most of which sweep towards one side, with guitar wire and nid hooks. The head, a combination of tusked and acid maw, was angled in the opposite direction as the body. To complete this smashing pose, the scythes and claws were positioned in a sweeping posture (two arms having already attacked, two yet to). The mace tail semed kind of small to me, so I put both tail morphs as well as the wierd triangular bit (that is supposed to be on the head I think) all on the tip, and it seems to look ok.

The next step are things like putting toxin sacs on the jaw and scythes, adding the large pustules and getting rid of that horrible line on his carapace. (Don't worry, I will show you the warriors soon).

Happy Nightmares!
Ricalope, SL.


The Ruins of Alasraph (Battle Report)

The exodites of Odin Prime endeavored upon a scouting mission in the jungle of the Belt. Upon reaching the ruins of Alasraph, and ancient place of worship, tears in realspace began to open. The autriarch, with a squad of guardians approached from the right with a wraithlord, and on the left a falcon and vyper made their way towards the pathfinders.

As the daemons began spilling forth the eldar made their way to their positions. Sevorinia made her way to the pathfinders as pink whores appeared, torching a few guardians. The guardians and wraithlord returned fire, killing some, while the rangers were killed by the daemon princess.

The rest of the deamon horde came through, as they did guardians and the vyper were burned with magical fire. In response, a farseer and five warlocks disambarked from the falcon to wash the daemonettes with psyker flame (killing 8!). On the right flank Tzeenchian fire was traded for shriukens and plasma.

The falcon began hunting Sevorinia, who in turn began chasing it. The remaining two daemonettes and Kelly & Bee (the Slaaneshi herald) assaulted the seer council, who defeated the depraved deamons with only three lost warlocks. On the right flank the two forces closed, the furies assaulting the autarch and remaining warlock, and the wraithlord assaulting the whores.

The falcon was immobilized yet was able to deliver the final wounds upon the deamon princess. The autarch slew the final whore, survived the fires from the last flamer, then attempted to banish it in close combat. The wraithlord took his time getting rid of the whores.

When the dust settled, There was one lone flamer on the board, and a few eldar with anger management classes to go to.

Ricalope, SL.


Here Comes the Mushroom Man...

This is a giftmini for Samalander. She has named him Kamasipress (the word from Cabin 12). The challenge for me was how to make a brightly colored "unugly" nurgle daemon prince. If you have seen her army (and I suggest you do) you will notice the vivid color, claws and unorthodox model use.

Given Sam's attraction to mushrooms, when I saw the original model I knew I had to paint it for her. This was just before she started collecting, and when she decided on daemons, he got the title of daemon prince.

The original model is the Mushroom King from Reaper Miniatures, although a nice model on it's own, he needed more. Adding wood elf dryad bitz and extending the cap with green stuff was on the menu.

The purple hue in the skin is there to tie him in with the deamonettes (and stuff) but I kept it paler than them for a nurgly appearance. In the tradition of sacred mushrooms, he got a white spotted red cap.

He sat half done for a while, then last week he collected the "minimum dust requirement" and I finished him. Now he just needs some powers and he will be a magical mushroom.

Ricalope, SL.


Warp Wednesday Two: Part 2...more bastion

There was a request from Cawshis for more pics of the fortress. So, here there be, enjoy!

The fortress and accessories were painted catachan green, then drybrushed with catachan/camo green. I keep painting simple with terrain pieces, so only two tone highlights were used withthe exception of lights. The metallics are washed with ogryn flesh (for the brass and gold) and a metal wash I mixed (consisting of lich purple, boltgun metal, brown ink, and blue ink), with some extreme highlights of shining gold or mithril silver. The statues are codex grey with rotten flesh highlights, the skulls and parchment khemri brown and bleached bone.

The fortress is about one foot square, three floors, three mount points (for turrets and stratagems). Rules wise, I will use modified stats from the Indomitable Fortress in the Planetstrike book.

The bastion and building kits are awesome, with bitz that almost fit perfectly together. One of my biggest problems with building models is that they don fit right (due to converting them most likely), but these two kits are almost seamless. Now I have thoughts of a church-tank...

See you next time I finish something,
Ricalope, SL.