Urban Assault in Sector IV-XX

Agents of the Inquisition have become aware of the Scream Killers legion (belonging to this person here) establishing a command post in the hive.
In response, Inquisitor Jack Daniels and a Daughters of Odin response team engage the heretics. The Inquisitor's valkyrie, Coil, drops in as the first daemons are summoned.
The witch hunter convoy moves out along the road towards the traitors. At this point most weapons are out of range, there is much yelling.
The penitent engines, under heavy fire, spot Mr. Spikey (a defiler) and charge ahead. One is destroyed before combat, the other ripping the defiler's arm off before exploding.
A fiend assaults the arco-flagellants, neither of which wound each other. The fiend gallops away to assault something else.
At the crossroads in the center, the stormtrooper's rhino becomes a crater. The remaining troopers face a daemonette charge and are wiped out. They will be remembered...
The seraphim squad leap onto the walkways in an attempt to get to the chaos command. Below; ROBOT FIGHTING!!!
Dorani, princess of Slaanesh faces Jack, using "His Will Be Done" the daemon is sent back to the warp. The burning husk of the immolator sits in the distance, the dominions having already jumped clear and disabled the chaos dreadnought.
As the arco-flagellants stem the charge of a rhino full of khorne berserkers, the Callidus taunts the daemons after killing the fiend, her C'tan sword cleaving daemons like cream cheese. The arco's managed to reduce the berserkers to three before dying.
The chaos terminators make their way down the road spitting gunfire at anything in sight.

At the center of the table a unit of horrors appeared in the machanicus building spitting fire at the Imperial objective.
The Callidus charges the remaining furies, as the cannoness's redeemer, Lucia, thins the deamonette's numbers.
At the crossroads, the cannoness and celestian bodyguard assault the chaos sorceror and terminators. Confessor Smirnoff survived three combat rounds with the sorceror himself. Eventually faith prevailed, and the backhand of the Emperor! The dominions melted the defiler, then began moving up to the walkways and command building.
A unit of daemonettes appeared beside the Imperial chapel, Jack was sent to dispatch those daemons who survived the shooting. At the end, he was without retinue, surrounded by daemonettes...
...while the Cannoness and Confessor take the chaos Command.
On a sad note, Coil was shot down by a trio of obliterators, on the final turn. It really made a mess of a perfectly good building.

Overall, this game was one of the best I have played recently. 3,000 points of witch hunters against 1,500 points of daemons and marines. The game could have gone either way, and no clear winner was seen until the very last turn. (Sorry for the dark pics).

Until next time,
Lord Inquisitor Ricalope.
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