Hello Again...

Here's an update on the various projects lying around demanding my attention:

Let me introduce I32, also known as Pariah, and is a Leman Russ Exterminator. Armed with three heavy bolters and a heavy stubber, it dishes out 16 shots each round. The gold Aquila on the sponson is a new battle honour recently given during the Purge of the Chapel made during the Psykic Chior. After most games with my 609th, I give one surviving model battle honours in the form of purity seals, sheilds and other bling.
Here are a couple shots of the river on my table. Where the square blocks are is where the bridge I am making will sit (it will be removable).

For Hive Fester I am almost done five ripper bases, they need only rotten flesh and bleached bone highlights. These little guys were fun to paint, especially the feeder tendriled ones.

And lastly, some shots of the rippers before their coat of primer. Hope you enjoyed these,

Ricalope, SL.
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