Steamroller - Throwing Down at EG

 Today was a Steamroller day, and as a 'Ganger, I was there to preform the sacred duties of a T.O.  I had a ton of fun and I didn't even play a game!!
 I'm always more than happy to go down to the FLGS and help out with events they want to run, last week was a speedmachine tournament at C2/Gamecentral, and they are always filled with some of the best players around.
 I find that there are a few players who want to keep their games 'casual'.  While I do agree with them, the Steamroller format (and being held in a FLGS) doesn't feel as pressurized as many other types of tournaments I have experienced.  Yes Deathclock can be intimidating, but it is rare that I see a 'casual' game last longer than two hours.  Don't rush, you got time aplenty!!
 There were some terrifying lists out there today (24 medium based infantry, two storm striders, and the Rhulic colossal to name a couple) and lots of things dying which made me happy.
 The top three factions were Mercenaries, Scorne, and Circle.

 The faction breakdown was fairly even, with only two Hordes factions, and Ret being the only faction with two players.  I find it preferable when a tournament has equal representation from each faction, it provides more diversity which makes better players.

 Of course I have to give a big shout-out to Rob at Everything Games for hosting the event today, and Andrew at C2/Gamecentral for the one last weekend!!
 Until next round, be well and crush your enemies (in a friendly way).


Cygnar - Special Ops

 I am a big fan of the 3 character units and the Black 13th is definitely one of the most versatile (for my needs at least.) Since I am basing my Cygnar army around arcane tempests, they were an automatic addition.  I was glad for it because they are some very well detailed models (although a bit small compared to the rest of the line.)
 On the table it is Ryan who does all the hard work (magestorm), while the others finish off whatever is leftover.  With all of these guns I am going to have to make an ammo carriage soon....
Until next round, be well.


Cygnar - Shield Bearer

 I like bullets, so any gun with multiple barrels is welcome in my Cygnar list.  The sentinel also has a nifty bonus by having the shield guard rule, which helps to protect my 'caster/solos from nasty sniping shots.
 Sadly, using shield guard is the only thing it has done on the battlefield (and when you couple that with me forgetting he has it).  The lancer usually gets more done on the field than this guy.  Not a problem though, as I often take them both.
 Recently, the sentinel has become more of a back-up plan.  With my opponents busy dealing with tempests and the cyclone, the sentinel gets overlooked, often able to make a decent slam attack.
Until next round, be well.


Khador - Hammer Girl

 There is a second Khador force in the works, for the same client the Blood Bowl minis were for.  It seems that he has noticed the meteoric rise of Warmachine on our sleepy little island and jumped in with both feet.
 This army is being given the "dirty trench dweller" theme.  The bases are getting a bunch of broken crud and mud on the boots of the grunts and 'jacks.  The warcasters and officers don't get as much mud (being high rank is useful).
 The biggest challenge on this project was keeping the colours slightly different than the other Khador.  They have grey as the secondary colour, so for these I went with a coal black (p3) based grey.
More to come, until then be well.


Cryx - Diabolic Duo

 Part of the Cryx army that I have been looking forward to painting is the Hellbringer.  I have already painted each incarnation of Aspy for my own Cryx force, but this time I get to try out a completely different pallet on him.
 I am quite happy with the final result.  A restricted colour scheme fits well on a model that could get too busy with all those details.

 His little helper, Vociferon, is an added bonus.  Such a happy little skarlock...

Until next round, be well.


Alfa Wing - A3

 Progress on the Alfa Wing is moving forward, almost finshed the valkyries.  As I post this I am realizing that I forgot to take pictures of Alfa 1, the command plane of the squadron, d'oh.
 As you can see, blue marks the third aircraft, (Alfa 1 is marked red) and I am thinking of yellow for Alfa 2.
 With only one more to go, the support squadron is next (two vultures and a vendetta). These will be part of the "Alfa Wing" project but they will have a different identifier (Beta maybe?)
 Until next round, be well.