Charon: Finished

It has been a while since my last post...sorry about that. I blame the Eisenhorn trilogy.
But, more importantly, Charon has been finished just in time for the Road Warrior monthly challenge over at Sheffield Irregulars. I am endeavoring to enter each month, it provides me with the necessity to finish at least one project a month, or a least a bit of focus project-wise.
After working on this project I realized that I need to build a triage centre, with stretchers, medical equipment and some wounded. As I am planning to build a modular trench-table, this mini-diorama will be incorporated into one of the sections.
But first i must finish the projects on the table; fester and the medic squad.
Until next time, be well.


A Day In The Life Of: Lord Inquisitor Kaluha


"Father, I am about to sin, I beg you for the Emperor's mercy." Inquisitor Kaluha asked from Confessor Smirnoff. They prepared within Bacardi's land raider, Invincible, to face the heretic Dragger and remove him from Odin Primary. Kaluha's strike force consisted of two squads of Stormtroopers and his personal assassin Samalander. The confessor had a unit of arco-flagellants moving in on the target, but he was present to keep an eye on the Inquisitor.
The arco-flagellants ripped through a squad of traitor marines and the stormtroopers engaged, Kaluha began his rituals. To the sounds of Smirnoff reciting the Benediction of Scorn, the Inquisitor reached into the warp with his mind. With practiced care, he activated the two daemonhosts, howling laughter ripped through the battlefield. The traitor marines paused, but only for a moment.
The Invincible was making its way to the Imperial chapel Dragger was hiding in. It had already scored numerous kills, one of which being a defiler. Stormtroopers were dying all around, but squad Delta had managed to destroy the chaos dreadnought at a grave cost. Unseen, the assassin had dealt a large number of kills before being dragged down.
The two daemonhosts, although bound to obey Kaluha, took their time to reach Dragger. The daemon Bukkakki was first to reach them, already oozing plasm from many wounds, and was cut down by the traitor's daemon weapon. Phalascio was next inside, catching the marines by surprise. Warp energies clashed on the top of the chapel and laughter echoed around the battlefield.
The Invincible had reached the base of the chapel, and in haste, Kaluha charged towards the chaos champion. He was aware of his mistake as one of his acolytes was launched into the chapel wall in front of him. A squad of berserkers had dodged the land raider and was assaulting his retinue. Cursing the blood god, he charged into them, smashing tainted power armor aside with his daemonhammer. The confessor was strick down by a flurry of power weapon attacks, rage welled inside the inquisitor. The marines were efficient, leaving none of his retinue alive, so he charged into the chapel alone after crushing the last of them.
Kaluha and Dragger met on the chapel's roof. Phalascio gave his master a curt nod as he appeared. The two lords struck each other, with daemonhammer and daemonsword, igniting warp-fires around them. The inquisitor was thrown through the ruins by the chaos champion, but his guard was left open. The daemonhost threw the champion into the warp and turned upon his last two bodyguards.

Inquisitor Kaluha awoke seconds after crashing through the floor. Bionics and stimm-injectors were keeping him alive at this point, all of the warning runes in his armor were glowing red. Above him, the bound daemon smiled, "it is over....Lord, lets go home."


Ambulance (aka Charon)

Charon, in Greek mythology, is the ferryman who carries souls of the newly deceased across the River Styx. The last rivets are set, and it is ready for primer.
Browsing the net, I found pictures of the M11-33, and found a few similarities. This was completely unintentional, but I did find it slightly odd.
Much of Charon is made from a Hellhound and a KZKT-537L tractor (Trumpet 1:35 scale), the rest is plasticard.
The stretchers were quite easy to do, using two lengths of plastic rod superglued and rolled in a strip of cloth, I was a little surprised.
The open back section is complete with spotlight, vapor tubes, canteens, extra medi-packs, stretchers, stands and an small operating theater.
This was one of the most plasticard-intensive model I have assembled yet, as far as small details are concerned.
I just like the concept of the operating table having leg, arm and neck clamps...
There is a deadline to finish Charon, as it will be my entry for the Sheffield Irregulars' monthly painting challenge: Road Warrior. Now comes the hard part.
That is all for today, be well.


Warp Wednesday Fourteen: Post 100!

I didn't think it would come to this. One hundred posts, that sounds like some kind of milestone, so I have decided to do a Warp Wednesday. Today's topics: awesome people and the Inquisition (with pictures of the unfinished projects about the house).
As you can see, I have been delving into the latest Beastmen army book and taking this opportunity to re-base a couple units. In the bitz box there happen to be quite a few beastmen, so the metal ones have been turned into command, and "new" plastic ones sprinkled in each unit. The bases fit together in the unit like a puzzle, with half-buried skellies and hills across multiple bases, and each is numbered so they can rank up.
Awesome people.
I am referring to you, and that guy over there. All the minions and readers. Bloggers, trolls, and (most importantly) the internet-roaming wargamers. This blog could not be as successful if it wasn't for all of you prodding me to finish projects as well as inspiring me to start new ones.
It is not possible to thank you all specifically, but know that I do. Please visit the links to the left to see what I mean, they are the definition of awesome.
The Inquisition.
It seems to be a hot topic right now; the question of the Inquisition codex(s), one, two or three? Well, if you are still reading this, you might be interested in my opinion (albeit from the radical side) so here it is. Three codexes. One for each Ordos, each with its own distinct Chamber Militant, as it is in the fluff.

Argument 1: They are too similar. So are the marine chapters, next question.
Argument 2: Too many Imperial codexes. Think about it, a Traitor Guard codex with radical Inquisitors and daemonhosts...that would more than even things out.
Argument 3: It screws up the "rotation". Good, the longer between rules changes the better . (I personally believe that more than one rules change every five years is excessive).

If they released the Inquisition in three codexes, I would have three Inquisition armies with lots of flavor and theme, a single codex would ruin that. And please, go read the Eisenhorn omnibus.

So here is to the health of the Inquisition, and another hundred posts! Cheers.