A Day In The Life Of: Lord Inquisitor Kaluha


"Father, I am about to sin, I beg you for the Emperor's mercy." Inquisitor Kaluha asked from Confessor Smirnoff. They prepared within Bacardi's land raider, Invincible, to face the heretic Dragger and remove him from Odin Primary. Kaluha's strike force consisted of two squads of Stormtroopers and his personal assassin Samalander. The confessor had a unit of arco-flagellants moving in on the target, but he was present to keep an eye on the Inquisitor.
The arco-flagellants ripped through a squad of traitor marines and the stormtroopers engaged, Kaluha began his rituals. To the sounds of Smirnoff reciting the Benediction of Scorn, the Inquisitor reached into the warp with his mind. With practiced care, he activated the two daemonhosts, howling laughter ripped through the battlefield. The traitor marines paused, but only for a moment.
The Invincible was making its way to the Imperial chapel Dragger was hiding in. It had already scored numerous kills, one of which being a defiler. Stormtroopers were dying all around, but squad Delta had managed to destroy the chaos dreadnought at a grave cost. Unseen, the assassin had dealt a large number of kills before being dragged down.
The two daemonhosts, although bound to obey Kaluha, took their time to reach Dragger. The daemon Bukkakki was first to reach them, already oozing plasm from many wounds, and was cut down by the traitor's daemon weapon. Phalascio was next inside, catching the marines by surprise. Warp energies clashed on the top of the chapel and laughter echoed around the battlefield.
The Invincible had reached the base of the chapel, and in haste, Kaluha charged towards the chaos champion. He was aware of his mistake as one of his acolytes was launched into the chapel wall in front of him. A squad of berserkers had dodged the land raider and was assaulting his retinue. Cursing the blood god, he charged into them, smashing tainted power armor aside with his daemonhammer. The confessor was strick down by a flurry of power weapon attacks, rage welled inside the inquisitor. The marines were efficient, leaving none of his retinue alive, so he charged into the chapel alone after crushing the last of them.
Kaluha and Dragger met on the chapel's roof. Phalascio gave his master a curt nod as he appeared. The two lords struck each other, with daemonhammer and daemonsword, igniting warp-fires around them. The inquisitor was thrown through the ruins by the chaos champion, but his guard was left open. The daemonhost threw the champion into the warp and turned upon his last two bodyguards.

Inquisitor Kaluha awoke seconds after crashing through the floor. Bionics and stimm-injectors were keeping him alive at this point, all of the warning runes in his armor were glowing red. Above him, the bound daemon smiled, "it is over....Lord, lets go home."
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