Warp Wednesday 26: Rabbit For Hire

Some people have enquired about the possibility of me doing commission work for them. The answer is, yes I would do commissions.
The next question is usually, how much? To which I reply with a question about how well they want it done. A super-fast job, from assembly to table-ready, or display-case quality?

Small Medium Large Vehicle/Monster Super Heavy
Tabletop 10 20 35 80 140
Character +8 +10 +16 +40 +80
Showcase +12 +20 +30 +60 +120
X Base +5 +8 +10 +20 +30
Conversion +10 +15 +20 +35 +50
Build +5 +10 +15 +25 +50

This is my pricing matrix, all projects begin at the "Tabletop" quality (a three layer per colour standard).  All of the other options are add-ons, like if the model is unassembled or requires extra basing like tiles.
I am a bit crazy, and commissioning conversions (and "kitbashes") would never be out of the question. From vanilla Ultramarines to obscure ancient kits, all projects are welcome.
So, in closing, feel free to contact me about commissions. No project is too strange or to large.

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