Space Wolves - Unleash the Hounds

 Here is the next unit for the Space Wolf project, a pack of Fenrisian Wolves.  These dogs are huge compared to other GW wolves.  I almost want to pick up five of these for unit fillers in my chaos hound packs.  No wolves on Fenris?
Until next round, be well.


Flesh Tearers - Tactical Squad

 The Flesh Tearers are nearing completion.  This is the last squad in the paint cue, just three models left!
 This squad has the marines from the tutorial I posted earlier.  At this stage in the project I am really happy that I keep the recipes for the armies I paint.  They do look like a crazy brainstorm of weird words and doodles, but they help keep the whole army looking cohesive.  The only problem is when they stop making the paints you use, which is easily remedied by mixing a pot to match.
 Some might notice that there are only nine members of this squad, that is because the tenth is a Deathwatch marine.  He is already finished and waiting in the bog line up.
 On the very near horizon is the "Age of Flyers", ten aircraft and monsters to work through.  Two of them are Flesh Tearer stormravens!
Until next round, be well.


Experiment of Death - The Beginning of Twilight

 With GottaCon fast approaching I start looking around this year's projects and try to decide what to enter in the painting competition.  I neglected to enter last year since I just wasn't feeling confident with any models, but this year is different.  I have chosen my large model (not the wetnurse) and unit entries, but my single model entry is still underway.  I have chosen the Twilight Pinup, and I just have to finish her.
 I decided to attempt an overall scheme that wasn't really dark or very bright, she is a Twilight Knight after all.  The name brings to mind a hero from an empire in decline searching to begin a new kingdom and I am trying to reflect that with tones and contrast.  We will see how it goes....
 There isn't a lot of extra stuff to paint on this mini, no extra pouches/skulls/totems to complicate her form, this makes the process a little bit faster.  There are a few difficult angles to reach, specifically under her cloak, but they are also difficult to see.  She will be finished soon!
Until next round, be well.


Blood Bowl - The Empire's Finest

 Along with the orcs, I got the chance to paint up the other team in the Blood Bowl box; the humans.  Being starter box models, they were quick and easy to paint but with very static poses and duplicates.
 Overall, I think they turned out fairly good, although very basic.  For this project I am sticking to the more classic colour schemes.  I miss the old era sometimes....
There is more Blood Bowl to come!  Until next round, be well.


Flesh Tearers - The Tutorial

 As promised before, here is the long awaited "How to Paint Flesh Tearers the Ricalopian Way" (sorry for the wait).  Most of the colours are done with three tones (coats of paint and/or washes), this is my table top quality.  Each picture has the three stages, left to right, starting off with the dark red armour.  Basecoat with Sanguine Base (P3), apply a heavy midtone of Red Gore (GW, although Wazdakka also works), then give the recesses a wash of Agrax Earthshade (GW).  Feel free to be messy with the first colour, everything else will get painted over soon.
 Next step is the black.  Basecoat all the black areas with Thamar Black (P3), pick out the edges with Ironhull Grey (P3) lightly, then wash the black with Nuln Oil (GW).  The black wash will tone down a lot of the grey except for the edges.
 With most of the armour done it is time to dive into the details.  The sawblade, hazard stripes and purity seals get basecoated with Rucksack Tan (P3).  The sawblade and hazard stripes are lightened with Kommando Khaki (GW) then highlighted heavily with Morrow White (P3).  The purity seals are washes with Riekland Fleshshade and highlighted with 'Jack Bone (P3).
 Bright red is next.  Start with Red Gore (GW) on all the blood drops.  Highlight the bottom of the drops with Evil Sunz Scarlet (GW), and highlight the bottom edge and top tip with Troll Slayer (GW).
 The metallics are started with a basecoat of Ironbreaker (GW) and a lightlight of Mirthil Silver (GW).  The metal is then washed with Nuln Oil (GW).  At this point the dust can be applied to the boots, I use a very dry brush and Khemri Brown.  I test how dry the brush is on the base first to avoid any large splotches.
The gold is next, starting with Gehenna's Gold (GW).  Highlight the gold with Shining Gold (GW) and then give it a wash of Riekland Fleshshade (GW).  After the gold is done do any touch ups that are needed paying extra attention to the sawblade's teeth.
Basecoat the blue areas with Cynar Base (P3) like wax seals, power weapons, lenses, lights and wires.  Then midtone these areas (two thirds coverage) with Cygnar Highlight (P3).  Give the blue a highlight of Arcane Blue (P3) except for the wires.  On glowing areas, overbrush (pulling away from the source of the glow) with the highlight.  Use Frostbite (P3) to give the glowing areas an extra highlight, overbrush like the previous coat but use less.
Last is the base. Basecoat the base with Warplock Bronze (GW) which is similar to the old Tin Blitz (GW) but has to be shaken well before each use as it separates fast.  Pick out some hazard stripes with Fortress Grey (GW), I use a grey instead of white so that it has a faded look to it.  Give the entire base a heavy drybrush of Ironbreaker (GW), any paint that gets on the hazard stripes will give them a chipped look.  Wash the entire base with Agrax Earthshade (GW) then paint the rim Thamar Black (P3).

And that it it, finished Flesh Tearers!  I hope this will be useful to some.  Until next round, be well.


High Elves - Royalty

 The Everqueen is a really nice mini.  Being finecast wasn't a problem, there weren't any bubbles or bends, just nice rich details.  I believe that she will be escorting the archers (from the last high elf post).  She does have a lot of hair though...
Until next round, be well.