Flesh Tearers - Tactical Squad

 The Flesh Tearers are nearing completion.  This is the last squad in the paint cue, just three models left!
 This squad has the marines from the tutorial I posted earlier.  At this stage in the project I am really happy that I keep the recipes for the armies I paint.  They do look like a crazy brainstorm of weird words and doodles, but they help keep the whole army looking cohesive.  The only problem is when they stop making the paints you use, which is easily remedied by mixing a pot to match.
 Some might notice that there are only nine members of this squad, that is because the tenth is a Deathwatch marine.  He is already finished and waiting in the bog line up.
 On the very near horizon is the "Age of Flyers", ten aircraft and monsters to work through.  Two of them are Flesh Tearer stormravens!
Until next round, be well.
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