A New Nightmare - WIP

 I originally picked up a Cryx helljack to make Malice from, but I got a better idea.  This left me with a spare helljack, so I decided to convert a plastic Nightmare.  Not that there is anything wrong with the stock model (I have plans for that mini) but it wasn't scary-ghost-robot enough.
 A quick dig through the bitz boxes unearthed some large dark eldar blades, talos tails, daemon horns, and the spikes from the Anima mini I made into a warwitch.  Since I envisioned him as a mini wraith engine, I did away with the legs, using the helldriver as a tail.  The dark eldar blades replaced his claws, as he has "wicked claws" with reach.
 Like most of my minis, he got a fancy base with a nice chunk of cork to stick the pin through.  With five pins total, he is a pretty stable mini.  The metal spikes are glued into holes drilled into the shoulders, instead of trying to make a hole in the spikes, which worked extremely well.
Until next round, be well.


Space Hulk Flesh Tearers - Chaplain

 I really enjoyed this mini, although I am a fan of chaplains.  He was sent to me as part of the Flesh Tearers project, already converted!  All that was left was to give him a fitting paint job.
 Black armour, a scattering of dark red, and a marble crozius. Check.
Until next round, keep painting!


Flesh Tearers - Librarian Dreadnought

 Now that the relocation is over, it's time to catch up on painting, and blogging! First up, the Flesh Tearers' librarian dreadnought.
 He got all done up in blue, akin to his terminator brother.
 I like the look of the force weapon conversion, I think it gives him a fist, of sorts.
More to come, until next round.