feelin' ill

venerable-psyker-dreadnought-thingy (he is grey too!)
stubby legs are for squats, just add tubes!
maybe its the marines, or possibly the weather, but i have been feeling a bit off lately...
dreadnought-nemesis-blood-force-weapon, of cursed goodness
i think he might be aztec mayan or kimhir. Not sure yet. neat, i hit the shift key.
here is a size comparison with a terminator-armored techmarine. those legs always bugged me...
now to figure out a color scheme, jade and gold maybe? obsidian blades, ?


Testing....Ice or Fire?

There are a bunch of Young Ones lurking under a table in the Rabbit Hole, so I attacked one with paint. He is a test mini, the rest of the army is still grey plastic.
Most of the color scheme is based upon the owner's thoughts while talking it over, the "glow" and snow were mine. The things I would change (or try) would be to use a blue wash instead of black on the purple, and use more tan (30% of the armor and grenades).
The other thought would be to go the complete opposite; lava. Both types of bases are relatively easy to do, and the blue lighting would be changed to orange.

What do you think?


First of the Asurya

Asurmen is finished, he of the massive mohawk. I decided on using the turquoise on the pheonix armor, highlighted in a similar fashion to gems.
The rest of him, with the exception of the wraithbone, was kept black to match with the Dire Avengers of my craftworld. I am most happy with the way the blade turned out, I was going for a glassy effect, I think it turned out well.
And now my Dire Avengers just got nastier!

These Models Have Nothing to do with Each Other

If they met in a dark alley, things might end up messy, luckily they most likely wont.
Firstly, the Pilot. Yup, is name (so far) is Pilot, original I know. The poor fella lost his airplane, his knife, broke his arm, and is most likely down to his last few las-rounds.
Pilot has no points, and no real place in any army, although I might paint up a doppleganger in the Interceptor. Until then he will be used for those ever-so-common "rescue the pilot" missions.
And now for something completely different....
Chaos ogre! (Complete with stomach problems that can hurt you!)
This is the newest addition to my chaos ogre unit (I might show them to you on a Wednesday). They also have some problems with their bellies.
They also tend to armour themselves with the shields of their enemies and carry around lunch and toys (for when they get bored). "Bones and Hooks" is a favored game of theirs.
And there you have it, two models that have nothing to do with each other.


Reporting From the Grim Darkness of the Future

As the Phasian War begins the Imperial populace needs to be told how the war is progressing. Vox Officer Leems is the guardsman on the front lines bringing you the Imperial Updates on RHG.
These are vox-stills from his third engagement with the OPDF, the first they have undertaken offworld.
Thanks, from VO Leems, the Imperial eye on the front line.

Rabbit Hole Games Inc?

A gaming club in Victoria?!? See here....


Warp Wednesday 25: 3 W's

Not another squat post...or about shiny space marines...specifically. Today's Wednesday is about who does what and why. There is a great rift amongst many gamers, artists, musicians and almost anything else enjoyable.
Musicians, for example. There are some who create music for the joy of making music, and there are those who create a product that sounds like music. The difference is in the intent. Granted, musicians both sell albums and enjoy creating (otherwise they wouldn't be doing it), but the quality of the music's meaning will suffer. Please do not misinterpret me, there are as many "types" of people as there are people, and I don't mean to generalize. Intent is key.
How does that translate into gaming, specifically wargaming? Long ago our sacred gaming company was created by gamers who saw an opportunity to make a living by doing what they enjoyed. The company was driven by the creative power of spreading that enjoyment, and that enjoyment caught on, and the company grew. Eventually the company, which was run by gamers, was directed by profit. Many of the founders fled this bleak time (see: dnd, gw, m:tg...)
So we have to ask ourselves, why do we do what we do? This (wargaming) is a hobby and a game. We paint and play with toy soldiers because it is fun. If it stops being fun? Make it fun again, it is your game once you open the box. As long as everyone is playing by the same rules, who cares if they are written on a napkin or a shiny book?

Happy Wednesday.


The Letter I

Because I want to, it is fluffy, I get to make up new words and out of spite, I am going to make my own bloody =I= codex, just for the hammer. I want it to be as balanced/fair as possible, so any feedback and ideas are more than welcome!

So, here's the outline;

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Daemonhosts (1-3)
0-1 Temple Assassin
Death Cult
0-1 Purifiers (psyker squad)
Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
Inducted Veterans
Fast Attack
Stormrider Squadron (3-10, bikes)
Stormspeeder Squadron (1-3, landspeeders)
Stormhunter Squadron (1-3, light vehicles)
Valkyrie Squadron (1-3)
Heavy Support
0-1 Unbound Daemonhost
Vulture Gunship
Dreadmech (walker)
Stormtrooper Heavy Weapon Squad
Land Raider (Inquisitor and Interrogator only)


The Beginning of a Wonderful Project

Here is the first piece of my field artillery project. Inspired by the Death Korps artillery, I hunted through the 1/35 scale section of my hobby store until I found this, an 8 inch howitzer. The rubber wheels fit in, since this will be added to my Odin Planetary Defense Force, who fight in the city a lot.
Everything possible is moving on this kit, so it can be put into towing position. Which brings me to the crew, six militia and four horses to pull the thing into position. Well, thats the other half of this project...


Losing an Army Sucks

Yes, it is true. My daemonhunters have been lost. Yeah, I still have the models, but what good are they going to do now? Thanks GW, I feel robbed.

Before you attempt to retaliate with the "henchmen build" argument, lets take a look at the Inquisition forces in the GK codex. Hmmmm....3 unit types. This screams "footnote" to me, or possibly "oops, we almost forgot about the Inquisitors." Luckily no-one plays radical Inquisition, right?

Well I do, and I am pissed.

Lets just ignore the fluff FAIL of putting Inquisitors from all three ordos in the same book, without any ordos units.

Lets look at the numbers. Planets with Grey Knights: 0 (Titan is a moon). Number of planets with Inquisitors: billions. Sounds fair right?

So the most common Ordo Malleus units and characters only get an honorable mention, and the smallest chapter in the galaxy gets the rest of the book. Inquisitors (the ones who run the Ordo Malleus by the way) don't even get a new unit types, no neat death engine, nothing.

Sorry GW, but I'm not buying marines, even if you take my armies away.


More Zombies, More Fun!

Even zombie doctors need a little help, and of course, that role is filled with more zombies! Stitch thralls (aka zombie kids) help out by gathering the corpses that are just lying about not doing much. Why waste good raw material?
Three thralls come with the unit, but alas, two of them are the same sculpt. To remedy this, I chopped up one and re-sculpted its limbs. Not the best job, but good enough for a zombie kid.
It is kind of disturbing that privateer zombies wear no clothes....
And here is the zombie family portrait, hope you like them!


IKE's Little Friends

Haven't you always wanted some flying droids with magnetic acceleration guns? I have for a little while now. The merc army is where they belong.
I am starting off small, with the 'regular' sized ones. They get the usual treatment of smilies, hazard stripes and barcodes. I might keep repeating the random white lines, they seem sci-fi-y.
As far rules, well I haven't thought that far. Possibly jetbikes with 24" Str4 AP5 A3 guns? 3-5 in a Fast Attack squadron? No combat ability (WS2 Str3 A1) with a moderate Ld (7?) I will post the datasheet on Rabbit Hole sometime soon. (EDIT: I posted the rules HERE! Yay!)
All feed back is appreciated!

Smash and Grab

Now bursting with muscley evil!
This would be Smash. With these two troll/ogrun zombies, the zombie horde can now deal with any errant warjack/beast that takes an interest, they are my 'oomph packers'.
Also, I thought up a way to show the front arc which is (hopefully) unobtrusive. Thoughts?

And here is Grab. He is missing his jaw, but that is ok, he's got an Asphixious skull.
There is a couple of big zombies for your Monday, hope it helps.


Leave It To Bruckenlegepanzer

I rescued a German bridge layer (often called a Biber, or Beaver) from the dusty section of BC Shavers. With two rivers in the Rabbit Hole I knew it could be put to good use. The original leopard body is being saved for a later project, but the extras from the Charion project enabled me to build a chimera hull with a little plasticard.
At this stage the tank still needs some rivets and circle bits to make it more 40k, but it is otherwise complete.
The cranes are from the original beaver, as I wanted it to place the bridge in the same fashion. The beaver extends the bridge out, bottom first, across the obstacle, thus the rear counter-weight. This means that the beaver can deploy without being seen (like folding bridges) and in tight spaces (unlike the scissor type).
Once the bridge is in place, the beaver will be on 'troll' duty, guarding the crossing with a heavy bolter. If it is lucky I might deploy something to help him out.
Close view of the exposed engine compartment. With the hellhound back piece, this was surprisingly easy to do, and hopefully effective.
As the original bridge was a smaller scale, it had to be widened to accommodate the awesome of guard armor. Also, regular models are made from a thinner plastic, so the center struts had to be replaced.
Bridge laying pose.
My support squadron now numbers three (with an atlas and a trojan), which go me thinking about rules. Since IA1 was written so long ago (before IG vehicle squadrons) I thought they needed a re-do. My idea was a support squadron (1-3 vehicles) consisting of trojans, atlas', and beaver tanks. This squadron would count as a Heavy Support choice but would not count towards the maximum choices. What would you think?
Well, I have a very riveting experience ahead of me,
Be well.