Losing an Army Sucks

Yes, it is true. My daemonhunters have been lost. Yeah, I still have the models, but what good are they going to do now? Thanks GW, I feel robbed.

Before you attempt to retaliate with the "henchmen build" argument, lets take a look at the Inquisition forces in the GK codex. Hmmmm....3 unit types. This screams "footnote" to me, or possibly "oops, we almost forgot about the Inquisitors." Luckily no-one plays radical Inquisition, right?

Well I do, and I am pissed.

Lets just ignore the fluff FAIL of putting Inquisitors from all three ordos in the same book, without any ordos units.

Lets look at the numbers. Planets with Grey Knights: 0 (Titan is a moon). Number of planets with Inquisitors: billions. Sounds fair right?

So the most common Ordo Malleus units and characters only get an honorable mention, and the smallest chapter in the galaxy gets the rest of the book. Inquisitors (the ones who run the Ordo Malleus by the way) don't even get a new unit types, no neat death engine, nothing.

Sorry GW, but I'm not buying marines, even if you take my armies away.
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