From the Paint table.

It wasn't cloudy yesterday, which meant I was a-primin'. Here is a shot of the avatar, his flames are basically done (only one last layer, the darkest, at the ends) and his first wash. I keep thinking "propane and propane accessories" and I don't know why.
In the lair a war is brewing (as usual). A high ground mission from Cities of Death. It seems the 609th have some daemon-slaying to do (will update next turn).

The Inquisitorial Henchmen I am making for Graham have been primed and basecoated. I am devising a red/grey/purple colour scheme to mark them as in the employ of a radical Inq.
And here is a sneaky look at the Samalander's table. Daemon-chicks on cats are hot.

Well that seems to be it for now, look again in a couple of days...


Atlas Recovery Tank and Beerwagon

Here we have the tank, built standard (alfa pattern front hull). Housings from the basilisk's earthshaker form the base for the crane.
Extended with plasicard and sprue, rollers (tank wheels) stabilize the crane (as well as inch long pins). The dozer blade is attached to the rear, along with a light and smoke launchers.
The turret hole is covered, and a hatch added, the pintle mount on the hatch fits well into the mounts for the hunter killer missle (IG). I envisioned that some of the tank crew would need to exit, so tread guards were added adjacent to the hatch. The old LR hatch was placed upon the covered engine hold...
The chain was attached to that hatch, and roped around (glued to the rollers, the end hangs free). A wire is attached to the rear to hang the chain on. The dozer begins to get bulked out to be more of a stabilizing plow.
As the atlas has a fine set of overcharged engines and no secondary weapons (just the heavy flamer) the sides were bulked out with plasticard and an exhaust made from a battlecannon. As many assessories as possible weere dug from the bitz box, including handles for the crew to re-mount.
From the back. Most of the plasticard areas were lined with rivets, (brita water filters are awesome!) Carrying hammers, tracks, tow cables, I will name him Aries.
The bottom of what is fondly called "the Beerwagon". It is mostly made from plasticard, with bitz such as; chimera sides, battle cannon, extra tread and wheels, that thing on the baneblade betweeen the hull and the drums (cut in half to make the hookup.)
And a big beer can, of course!
An old skool LR hatch on top (to pour the beer into), a basilisk shield (cause it was lying around). And it hooks up perfect to my trojan...
From the rear platform a commissar will decide who is entitled to beer rations, based on the info from the vox screeens. (note the searchlight pointed down).

The support line, "Booze and ammo!"

Painted pics of Aries soon...

Eldar Skystorm (assembly)

The first step is to destroy 2 falcons, as shown.
This is how it should fit, the "wings" from the centre hull on the front, attatched to the outer hull's "wingtips". The rear of the outer hull gets clipped off at the centre of the turret mount.
How the ineer parts of the engine are cut. This happens to be the easiest part!
The bottoms of the hulls are cut much the same as the upper parts. The outside engines are placed further back, (the second notch on the engine ribbing lines up with the last notch on the inside).
A really blurry shot of the rear end extension. I extended the rear to add summitry, as well as the stabilizing fins.
The bottom of the tank assembled. The additional thrusters from the outside hull fit nicely halfway up the "wings" where they connect. Also, the "gravimetric arrays" positioned on either side close the large gap left from the joining. The nose turret is simply 2 scatterlasers glued to the swivel mount, then covered with the armour plates from the heavy weapon sprue.
The assembled top. The turret was built the standard, with an extension (for summitry) after I added grav ribbing underneath with more card. The guns are pulse lasers with bright lances added, and armour/ammo. The apoc upgrade was used to fill the nasty gap I had on the side from joining the hulls.
Size comparison.
Much green stuff was used to fill the gaps as well as the turret mount which was cut in half. The armour patterns of the hull were duplicated and tied in by drawing lines on the still-wet putty.
The plasticard on the upper surfaces were covered with a thin layer of putty, then the lines added to simulate eldar style. It is now ready for primer!

Welcome to Ricalopia!

So, as a first post I will give you as many good pics of the miniatures in my collection. As comments, criticisms and queries come in, I will try to respond as well as I can. Above is shown my 609th preparing for battle (4,500 points in the old codex).
Front and back pre-painted pics of my atlas "Aries"

The ass end of my hellhound...
Inquisitorial henchmen (giftminis)
Nurgle mushroom Prince (giftmini)
A chaos marine (giftmini)

These are 2 of my Eldar War Walkers, ain't they cute? Also the Anima model I have turned into an Avatar.

Well, until a walk-through on the skystorm super heavy eldar tank,